Stephen King says ‘LOVE: The Story of Lisey’ proves all of his stories are adaptable

Author Stephen King has been saying for years that he would love to see an adaptation of “ LOVE: The Story of Lisey, ” and his wish is now coming true that a miniseries is produced by Apple TV +.

In the plot, a widow named Lisey (Julianne Moore) deals with the death of her husband (Clive Owen) and the threats that arise in the face of this prospect.

King wrote the novel after being hospitalized with double pneumonia for three weeks, with his wife redecorating his office in his absence.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he commented on the new adaptation and said that:

“This is proof that none of my stories are disposable for possible adaptations. From dramas to the supernatural, there is a very rich material to explore and I was very happy when I learned of the interest in Lisey’s story because it is very personal.

He continued:

“I had dreamed about it for years and I wondered why they had not yet come to see me to adapt this story. Lisey’s career means a lot to me and it’s the one I love the most. It’s a tale about love and marriage and the creative impulse and it also has a devastating villain, which I really liked.

Announced in 2019, the TV series was filmed in 2020, but the coronavirus pandemic has caused several delays.

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King noted that while watching the series, he noticed a chilling resemblance in history to the world today.

“What gave me chills was a scene where we see Lisey walk into the hospital room and wear a mask. I thought, ‘My God, this is what we’re all going through now. It was scary to the point of leaving me frozen as I thought about the whole situation, ”recalls the author.

Recalling that Apple TV + released the first official image of the attraction.


The episodes are directed by Pablo Larraín, who also signs the screenplay alongside King.

The cast consists of Julianne Moore, Clive Owen, Joan Allen, Dane DeHaan and Sung Kang. The production will consist of 8 episodes.

Two years after her husband’s death, Lisey Landon decides it’s time to go to her office and start cleaning up all the papers. Scott Landon was a successful novelist and Lisey has already been contacted by people who wish to purchase her unpublished work, but she is determined not to let that happen. When the cleaning process begins, a strange man contacts her and says that if she doesn’t hand over the papers, Lisey will suffer the consequences.

JJ Abrams enters as a producer for Bad Robot Productions.

‘LOVE: The Story of Lisey’ opens in 2021, with no confirmed date at this time.

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