Steven Spielberg reveals his desire to direct WILDWEST films

Throughout his career, Steven Spielberg has directed and produced different genres of films, from thrillers to science fiction, through adventure, romance …

However, the filmmaker has never explored the world of westerns …

While promoting his new film, ‘Amor, Sublime Amor’, Spielberg brought up the topic in an interview with Yahoo!

When asked if he would take the idea of ​​working in a western, he replied that he was ready to take on the task.

“This question had been asked of me over the last forty years of my career, if not more, and I always said that a musical was the one thing I hadn’t done. What I forgot to say is that what I’ve never done, and the only genre I haven’t tackled, is the western. So who knows, maybe one day I’ll put on spur boots… Who knows?

He continued, revealing that he already had some ideas on paper.

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“I’m already developing a few, but I’m not sure which will get the green light first. “

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“After finally exploring the musical genre with ‘Love, Sublime Love’, Steven Spielberg says he only has one genre left to work on: the western. He says he has some in development. (I didn’t ask him about his current feelings about superhero movies, sorry).

After finally conquering the musical with #WestSideStory, Steven Spielberg says he still has one genre to tackle: the western. Said he has a few in development.

(didn’t ask him his current feelings about superhero movies, sorry not sorry) pic.twitter.com/3VFZRhunEd

– Kevin Polowy (@djkevlar) December 2, 2021

Recalling that the new version of ‘Amor, Sublime Amor’ (West Side Story) hits theaters on December 9 and has already garnered high praise from international critics.

On Rotten Tomatoes, production started with 96% approval, scoring a very high 8.30 / 10 based on 53 reviews. By comparison, the original version, released in 1961, has an acceptance rate of 93%.

Check out the main comments below:

“How do you honor the past and recognize mistakes? With consideration and competence and Rita Moreno ”- Thrillist.

“The love, the sublime love of Steven Spielberg is at its best when he focuses on studying one character at a time” – Slant Magazine.

“Surprisingly, Spielberg manages to improve the original film with more authenticity and therefore more raw emotions and meanings” – Beyond the Trailer.

“[O filme] expands and strengthens every detail and character imaginable ”- Flickering Myth.

“‘Amor, Sublime Amor’ is filled with stellar choreography and breathtaking performances” – Perri Nemiroff.

‘Amor, Sublime Amor’ is set in 1950s New York and tells the story of a loving couple trying to save their romance while being torn apart by the rivalry between the white and Latino gangs they are a part of. : Tony is a member of the Jets and Maria of the Sharks, all based on another classic, “Romeo and Juliet” by Shakespeare.

The film stars Ansel Elgort (“Foul of the Stars”) and newcomer Rachel Zegler, as Tony and Maria, respectively.

The screenplay is by Oscar nominee and Pulitzer Prize winner Tony Kushner. Leonard Bernstein, Stephen Sondheim and Jerome Robbins take care of the music, lyrics and choreography.

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