‘Stranger Things’: David Harbor Feels Like A True Father For Millie Bobby Brown

Throughout the first season of “Stranger Things,” Sheriff Jim Hopper (David Harbor) was portrayed as a man of action, but ended up taking on a more fatherly and protective role after meeting Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown ).

And it seems that this sense of parenthood isn’t limited to fiction.

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Harbor said he had grown too attached to Brown and felt like a real father to her.

“Millie and I have always had a special relationship because I met her when she was very young. I met her before she achieved fame. So I have that protective instinct for her.”

He continued:

“I have real concerns about its growth in this environment. I care about her, the fame and everything she has to face. And I always felt this deep parental affection for her.

In the series, Hopper has lost his own daughter and begins to take care of Eleven as if he were his own daughter …

At the end of Season 3, it’s Hopper who sacrifices himself to help Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) escape the blast zone when they burst into a lab where Russians are researching the world. inverted.

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However, a teaser has already revealed that the Sheriff is still alive, now it remains to be seen if he and Eleven will be reunited in the attraction’s new episodes.

By the way… When exactly will the new season be released? Showrunner Shawn Levy revealed:

“To state the incredibly obvious, it’s been a long, long, long time, and it’s finally happening. Much of the delay is due to COVID and the pace at which we have to work to do it safely, but it’s also the season we’ve chosen to go much further. That’s the scale of this season and the multiple settings of season 4. Coming soon. We will announce the date very soon. », He promised.

The residents of Hawkins were last seen in 2019 for the epic showdown at Starcourt Mall. The Season 3 finale ended with the beloved Jim Hopper (David Harbor) seemingly dead, the Byers family leaving town and the Russian facilities destroyed … at least for now.

“I am filming in Lithuania just before the pandemic. We’ve shot in Georgia, Lithuania, and New Mexico, so it’s enough to say that Season 4 will be the most important ever. It’s visually and narratively very ambitious, much more ambitious than in the previous three seasons. », He concluded.

In an interview with the New York Times, star David Harbor, who returns as Hopper for future episodes, commented on the main cinematic influences for the new season, including “Fleeing Hell” and “Alien 3”.

“[Os irmãos Matt e Ross Duffer, criadores da série] are huge fans of video games, manga, and anime, and we’ve definitely played with that this season. We also talk about ‘Fleeing from Hell’ and ‘Alien 3’ as references. Regarding Hopper, fans will be able to see a story that has never been seen before, which was just mentioned. Unlike the father he became, eating chips and gravy and yelling at his teenage daughter, you’ll learn more about the warrior he once was.

Unfortunately, the release of the next cycle is not yet planned.

The series was created by Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer, who have previously revealed that they plan to end production in the fourth or fifth season.

In a small town, a group of children find themselves confronted with a secret government experiment, which opens the portal to another dimension, called the “inverted world”. The boys then begin their own investigations, which lead them to an extraordinary mystery involving supernatural forces and a very, very strange little girl.

The cast includes Winona Ryder, David Harbor, Finn Wolfhard, Millie Bobby Brown, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, Natalia Dyer, Charlie Heaton, Cara Buono, Joe Keery, Noah Schnapp, Sadie Sink and Dacre Montgomery.

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