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April 30 is marked by the commemoration of Railroad Day, a way of honoring all the railway workers scattered across Brazil. The date was chosen because of the inauguration of the first Brazilian railway line, the Estrada de Ferro Petrópolis, which took place on April 30, 1854. And since we usually do specials on each commemorative date, we have selected 5 movies shot on trains that are available in the main streams. Check!

Uncontrollable (telecine)

A recent classic of the afternoon TV open sessions, Uncontrollable is an action feature based on a real story and starring Denzel Washington and Chris Pine. In the plot, two professionals living in different career backgrounds are on a train that carries chemicals and loses control. Even with multiple agencies trying to stop the train from colliding with a city, only the duo can prevent a tragedy from happening.

Zombie Invasion (Netflix)

Released in 2016, this Korean pop horror is one of the genre’s recent grateful surprises. In the plot, a workaholic father (Gong Yoo) travels to Busan with his baby daughter (Kim Su-an). The journey on the modern high-speed train had everything to go smoothly. However, a zombie apocalypse begins inside the wagons and now they are going to have to fight to survive.

Expresso do Amanhã (Amazon Prime Video and Globoplay)

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Directed by Bong Joon-ho (Parasite) and starring Chris Evans, Tilda Swinton, Octavia Spencer, John Hurt and Ed Harris, this film is based on a French comic that tells the story of a train carrying the last survivors of the ‘humanity. Indeed, in an attempt to prevent global warming, companies ended up creating an icy apocalypse for everyone. Divided by social class, the train cannot stop. Dissatisfied with the mistreatment they receive, lower class passengers decide to unite to start a revolution.

The Polar Express (Netflix)

Classic Christmas, this 3D animation from the early 2000s takes place on a steam train that takes children to meet Santa Claus. Inside the express, they make friends with children from all over and are taken in by the spirit of adventure and the spirit of Christmas. Directed by Robert Zemeckis, the film stars Tom Hanks.

Spider-Man 2 (Netflix)

Unlike the other movies on the list, Spider-Man 2 doesn’t take place entirely on a train. However, there is one scene that has simply been immortalized in the pantheon of superhero movies which is precisely the rescue of a runaway train by Spider-Man (Tobey Maguire), which ends up revealing his identity to the passengers, who reciprocate by keeping it a secret who the hero really is.

Honorable mentions

Murder on the Orient Express

Based on the classic of the same name by Agatha Christie, this thriller tells the story of a trip aboard the luxurious Orient Express in 1934, when all the fun gives way to a terrible murder. Then the famous detective Hercule Poirot (Kenneth Branagh), who was on the train, begins to investigate who allegedly committed the crime. Unfortunately, it’s not in any of the main streams.

The girl on the train

With Emily Blunt and Rebecca Ferguson, this suspense brings us to accompany the divorced and depressed Rachel Watson (Blunt), who takes the train to London daily. Along the way, she creates fantasies about a couple who are still watching. The problem is, the couple’s wife goes missing, and Watson ends up becoming one of the potential crime suspects. Like the previous film, this one is not available in the most popular streams.

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