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One of the coolest things about this holiday season is taking a day off to do the classic Christmas movie marathon. This year, however, with the arrival of Disney + and the consolidation of other older streams, it’s very difficult to regain their exposure on open TV or pay TV. So I have selected a few Christmas classics and I’m going to show you what streaming they are shown on. This way you can watch them without wasting so much time looking. Check out!

Disney +

With the purchase of Fox, Disney ended up acquiring probably 90% of the best Christmas movies in its catalog. Plus, of course, you already have immortal classics coming from your own studio.

A toy hero

What happens when you join Terminator with young Anakin Skywalker in a Christmas movie? You create a Christmas classic about love, consumption and terrorist attacks on the radio. In this film, Arnold Schwarzenegger is a loving father who begins to experience the days of crisis in family relationships. The situation worsens when he forgets to buy the Christmas present from his son, who ordered the best-selling toy in toy history. Desperate, he gets into a cat-and-mouse argument with a postman (Sinbad) to see who will get the last doll.

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I forgot (franchise)

The film series that immortalized Macaulay Culkin as the greatest child star of his generation – and, subsequently, one of Hollywood’s saddest cases of career loss – is on Disney + to be seen and reviewed as many times as he wishes. Written and produced by John Hughes and directed by Chris Columbus, the film tells the story of boy Kevin McCallister (Culkin), who wants his family to go missing. On the eve of the family trip to spend Christmas in Paris, the boy is punished and ends up being forgotten at home by the family. As if that wasn’t enough for the Council of Guardians to have a word with these unnatural parents, the boy still witnesses an attempted invasion by the world’s worst pair of attackers, Harry and Marv (Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern). Like all good young psychopaths … young people who want to protect their homes, Kevin begins to set traps to make the Christmas life of the bad guys miserable. 2 it’s the same thing, but instead of forgetting the child at home, the parents forget about him at the airport and little Kevin finds himself alone in New York with his father’s credit card. Who does he find there? The duo of aggressors and Donald Trump, in a controversial role of kind Donald Trump. Who would say? The movie also features the addition of Tim Curry (the Pennywise from the first computer adaptation) in a very funny role.

Jack’s strange world

Written and produced by Tim Burton, Jack’s Strange World is based on a poem created by Tim himself early in his career. It tells the story of Jack Skellington, the Halloween Pumpkin King. But he is tired of the routine and loneliness he experiences on a daily basis and ends up falling into Christmas town. Passionate about the new feeling, he tries to reproduce what he saw there in his native country. Only things don’t work and he ends up kidnapping Santa Claus. Along with his beloved Sally, Jack will have to find a way to resolve the situation without ruining anyone’s Christmas.

Amazon Prime Video

Besides a great original production for Christmas, Prime Video has two great assets in its catalog that will guarantee good entertainment for anyone looking for good Christmas movies.

The grinch

Classic from the 2000s, this film shows Quemlândia, a city passionate about Christmas. However, right next to her lives a green, hairy creature whose main goal is to destroy Christmas for all: the Grinch (Jim Carrey). However, things start to change when he meets little Cindy Lou (Taylor Momsen), who with her sweetness will attempt to change the grinch’s outlook on life.

The grinch

Calm down, I’m not crazy and I repeated the movie on the list. Yes, Prime Video has the two most famous film versions of Grinch in its catalog, only the Warner from the 1960s was missing. In this 2018 animation, produced by Illumination Entertainment, we see a little more of Dr. Seuss and we have a excellent and entertaining interpretation of Benedict Cumberbatch as Grinch.


With a huge investment in original productions, Netflix is ​​coming up with some incredible recent films to awaken the magic of Christmas even in the coldest hearts.

The origin of the keepers

Also known as The Holiday Avengers, The Origin of the Guardians tells the story of a group of fantastic creatures, such as Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, João Pestana (Sandman) and the winter spirit, Jack Frost, who unites to stop the launching of darkness on Earth and spoil people’s happiness. The film is incredibly creative and fun, always emphasizing the best values ​​of each holiday, including Christmas. And he hooks up with this big cast: Hugh Jackman, Alec Baldwin, Jude Law, Isla Fisher and Chris Pine.


Released in 2019, this original Netflix movie was born classic. The film tells more clearly about the origin of Santa Claus from the point of view of Jesper, a frustrated young man who does not want to learn the postman profession practiced by his father. Tired of his son’s demotivation, the postman sends Jesper to Smeerenburg, located on an arctic island, where he must deliver a letter that will completely change his life. The film was famous for its differentiated animation style and also has a strong cast, with names like JK Simmons, Rashida Jones and Joan Cusack.

The Polar Express

A classic Christmas animation, this film directed by Robert Zemeckis (Back to the Future) tells the story of an unbelieving boy with Christmas. One night, he ends up boarding the Polar Express, a magical train that will take him on the greatest adventure of his life, towards him: Santa Claus. Tom Hanks has a very important role in the plot, playing the train conductor, a mysterious character, but who functions as a kind of guide for the protagonist. The movie is packed with striking scenes, like the drifting train on ice and the sequel to Santa’s Factory, but the big highlight is the technology used in the animation, which has served as the basis for many films. 3D today.

Very good at the arrival of Christmas

Taking many people by surprise, this comedy by Leandro Hassum with Netflix, in the best O Feitiço do Tempo e Click style, managed to represent the Brazilian Christmas spirit well, whether with the same speeches repeated every year, the same storylines and celebrations, but what really shocked the crowd was that the movie wasn’t all about humor. No, it has a very strong dramatic subtext which will move a lot of people. The screenplay tells the story of Jorge (Hassum), a man who was born on Christmas and therefore has not grown up for the date. However, one Christmas he suffers an accident and lives in a curious state: whenever he wakes up on Christmas morning, he can only remember what happened on Christmas last year. Being one of the most viewed movies on Netflix in the world, Everything Well at Christmas is Coming was born classic.

Is that you? Have you decided which movie to watch this Christmas? Tell us in the comments!

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