Subscribers love Netflix’s new TERROR series; Check out the reactions!

The horror series ‘Hellbound’ won over critics and audiences alike.

In addition to gaining an urgent 100% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, the series directed by Yeon Sang-ho, the same director of the famous “Zombi Invasion”, also delighted subscribers.

The general consensus is that the production makes a great adaptation, with an intriguing, brutal, and addicting storyline.

We separate the main reactions of the public and critics:

Hellbound / Hell’s Prophecy exceeded my expectations! addressing religious fanaticism, sin, redemption and more, it has a really good script that is well used. The plot twits is a very brutal suspense, at the same time very human. I recommend yes # Hellbound #ProfeciadoInferno pic.twitter.com/5BYdmgVaB1

– Henzi • WWW (@HiltonnetoN) November 20, 2021

netflix’s prophecy from hell does a wonderful critique of how people feel superior to others by acting as judges of the fate of others

in every chapter I see I feel a strong reference to the culture of cancellation pic.twitter.com/p3cPR8oaAh

– Thinerd (@thiagochareti) November 21, 2021

Enjoy watching:

finished the prophecy of hell and I’m like this pic.twitter.com/NhEHRzjp2g

– iza⁺⁺ (@favikjun) November 20, 2021

My friend, if the guys found ROUND 6 violent, they’ll have a hard time watching the PROPHECY FROM HELL.

– Guilherme “Ghost” Jacobs (@GhostJacobs) November 20, 2021

I ended the hell prophecy and literally CRIED out watching this drama. the good thing is that in addition to being supernatural, it speaks of religious fanaticism and the scenes of aggression / death are very heavy, so anyone who is sensitive does not look, because in addition to being sad, it makes mt anger msm

– ℳ (@iuseless___) November 19, 2021

I watched the Korean series “Prophecy of Hell” on Netflix and was amazed at the quality. 6 clear, dense, well-written, punchy and daring episodes. It is difficult to find an American work with such courage. This is why Korea will swallow American cinema / series. pic.twitter.com/8PyLCGTV4N

– Vegan Cannibal (@UmCanibal Vegan) November 20, 2021

Netflix first impressions | Hell’s Prophecy is the new Korean series for fans of Round 6

“” Hell’s Prophecy “is like a cross between Clive Barker,” The Da Vinci Code “and the iconic Japanese horror” Ring: The Call “.” (Daily Telegraph (UK))

“Overall, ‘Prophecy of Hell’ is an intriguing, albeit fragile, series with a solid premise.” (Bloody disgusting)

“Director Yeon Sang-ho has created a sinister crime drama that uses supernatural elements to explore grandiose concepts about death and sin.” (Digital spy)

“The pace of the series might be a little slow at first, but the narrative evolves into an interesting mix of crime drama, violent horror, and social criticism of humanity’s failures such as mortality, sin. , justice and the influence of the media. ” (Age)

“It’s hard to take your eyes off ‘Hell’s Prophecy’ because the concept is quirky and addicting.” (Ready to go out)

“The series shows not only the strength of a well-done adaptation, but also the strength of Korean productions.” (Geek Community)

Remember, the first season is now available on Netflix!

Based on the Korean webtoon “Hell”, the plot follows the struggle for survival amidst chaos when a group of supernatural beings begin to appear and condemn people to hell. Soon a new religious group interprets their appearance as divine will.

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