‘Suicide Squad’: Editor CONFIRMS Warner Executives Changed David Ayer’s Original Film

Shortly after the release of Suicide Squad, which became a critical and disappointing global box office failure, fans around the world began to wonder what the film would look like without too much interference from Warner Bros.

The film, directed by David Ayer, has been heavily criticized for its lack of pace and identity, despite the explosive driving style. Now, in an interview with CinemaBlend, editor Kevin Hickman has opened up about the project and revealed how studio executives totally changed Ayer’s vision for the job.

“The movie we shot for ‘Suicide Squad’ was a million times better – and it was a great movie with countless other characters that would be featured and through which we would explain the camaraderie created between them all. So “Suicide Squad” was a challenge because we had so many characters that at one point we showed up to the studio and they wanted to take it in a different direction. [A Warner Bros.] I wanted the origin of the characters to happen at the beginning and to insert a level of comedy in the feature film ”.

Previously, Ayer spoke with EW and returned to talking about his desire to release his original cut, saying his original take was very different from the end result we saw in theaters.

“I think the studios are realizing now that there can be official and alternate versions, and the fans want to see them. They love the characters and want to spend more time with them. People are a lot more interested in how movies are made and want to be part of this journey. There is room for different things, different versions, to share with the audience. I believe that helps to strengthen our bond with the community. But I have to give the credit to Warner Bros. for supporting Zack [Snyder] and have the courage to explore it.

He adds: “I understand that is part of the business, but it’s frustrating because I really did a deep drama and my version was destroyed while they were trying to turn the movie into ‘Deadpool’ – which “he wasn’t meant to be. So I end up getting blamed because my name is there. While that doesn’t represent what I actually did, I have to deal with ammo from critics and be a good soldier.” I made an incredible film, which ended up scaring the leaders.

Sadly, WarnerMedia President and CEO Ann Sarnoff has revealed that she has no plans to release Ayer Cut.

“We’re not going to release David Ayer’s version of Suicide Squad,” he said.

Ayer complained about the decision and told fans that the tone of the film was as dark as that of the famous and award-winning “The Joker”.

“It was re-recorded because the tone is ‘very dark’ – my first act was a normally constructed film. I was inspired by [Christopher] Nolan. There were real scenes with amazing acting between Jared [Leto] and Margot [Robbie]. The Joker was scary and the Harlequin was complex, ”he wrote.

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