‘Summoning of Evil 3’ on HBO Max | Discover the REAL story behind the film

“Summon of Evil 3 – Order of the Devil” is now available on HBO Max.

In the film, supernatural hunters Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga, respectively) will investigate the case of Arne Cheyenne Johnson (Ruairi O’Connor), the first man in the United States to attempt to defend himself against a murder charge. by justifying being possessed by the devil. And since this grisly affair is based on a true story, the situation becomes even more frightening.

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It all started with the Glatzel family in 1980. At the time, little David Glatzel, 11, was cleaning an old rented house with the family. He had a really bad fall and said he was pushed and threatened by a strange old man who spoke Latin and besides threatening to steal his soul he said if the family moved to this residence, they would be cursed with a series of misfortunes. At first, the family thought the boy was trying to avoid having to clean the house. However, as the days went by, he was showing strange behavior. He would wake up from terrible nightmares full of bruises, scratches and bruises, and see spooky creatures with dark horns and eyes. Desperate, the Glatzels turned to a priest from the church, who allegedly summoned the Warrens to investigate the case.

In the cinema, Julian Hilliard (WandaVision) brings David Glatzel to life.

With the couple’s arrival, the boy is said to have started speaking in different languages, growling, being seen near dark mists and appearing to be suffocated by an invisible person. With each new session with Warren, the boy was accompanied by a family member or loved one, as he suffered from pain, seizures and loss of breath. So the paranormal hunters started small exorcisms to try to rid the boy of the supposed evil. They identified as many as 43 demons inside the child’s body, who had to undergo several sessions. In one, in the presence of David’s sister’s boyfriend, Arne Johnson, the boy allegedly intervened in the exorcism and challenged the demons to let David’s body take over his own.

And that’s when the controversy began. In several accounts, Arne has claimed to have made contact with a demon soon after, which would have consumed the possession. Over time, he began to experience blackouts and exhibit behavior similar to David’s. Fearing for his girlfriend’s life, he and Debbie Glatzel moved out and the girl began working as a babysitter for the puppies of Alan Bono, a new resident of the area.

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Arne Cheyenne Johnson

On February 16, 1981, in Brookfield, Connecticut, which had not recorded a homicide case for decades, young Arne Johnson, feeling unwell, took his little sister, Wanda, his girlfriend, Debbie, and his little one cousin, Mary, at lunch with Bono. Everything was going well, with a lot of alcohol, until Arne started arguing with Alan, pulled out a pocket knife, delivering five punches to Bono’s chest and a gash that went from stomach to heart. of the future deceased. All this while growling and making strange sounds. Johnson was found about two miles from the scene of the crime, by memory, he said. He was stopped.

Ed and Lorraine

As word spread, Lorraine Warren recognized the boy from the previous year’s exorcism session and announced to the press that he would be possessed by the devil. In the midst of a wave of demon and exorcism films sweeping across the United States, the press picked up on the case and people went into hysterics, making it a phenomenon. The one who liked this story was Arne’s lawyer, Martin Minnella. With the press on his side, he began to seek depositions and something to support his supposed demonic possession to free his client. He attempted to stamp a declaration of innocence on his client claiming the devil had forced him to commit the crime. However, due to lack of evidence, the judge rejected the request. Meanwhile, the Warrens were giving in-depth interviews, commenting on the case, and presenting supposed evidence that proved nothing. They rode the wave for as long as they could, but the situation quickly became a big joke in the press and Arne Cheyenne Johnson was convicted of manslaughter and served 10 to 20 years in prison. From that point on, he served only five years and was released for good conduct.

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