‘Super-Shock’: Michael B. Jordan gives script updates for upcoming adaptation

Recently, Randy McKinnon was hired to write the screenplay for the upcoming film adaptation of “ Super-Shock, ” an acclaimed animation that premiered between 2000 and 2004.

McKinnon is best known for his work on the film “Safety,” which follows the true story of a young black man who faces several challenges in hopes of becoming a football star.

However, there were no further updates on the film’s development after the writer was hired.

In an interview with Collider, producer Michael B. Jordan calmed fans and said the draft is already underway.

“The draft is already underway and I can say that our hero is in good hands. Randy McKinnon is very talented and I couldn’t be happier to see him work on this film. For now, I can only say it, but I can’t wait to share the news with everyone. “

He went on to talk about the character’s importance to black representation.

“As a boy who grew up inspired by the adventures of Super-Shock, I am honored to follow the growth of this project and I know it will be something very important for children today. Seeing children mirror a black hero is something I have always dreamed of. “

Due to his familiarity with the theme of black youth, McKinnon is certainly the perfect choice to shape Virgil Hawkins on the big screen.

For now, plot details are kept under wraps, but they must follow the successful animation of the 2000s to the letter.

Recalling that DC Films President Walter Hamada announced in a statement that the company intends to release two exclusive films for HBO Max per year, starting in 2022.

Among the films mentioned, part of the text indicates that riskier projects are included in the strategy, such as the upcoming adaptation of “Super-Shock”.

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However, the executive said DC Films has yet to make the decision, but intends to invest in major productions for streaming.

Until then, it will be a long time before audiences see a live-action version of the two heroes.

Meanwhile, Jordan continues to oversee the project through his company, Outlier Society Productions.

In an interview with Deadline, the star celebrated the partnership with Warner Bros. and indicated that the film will be the first of a new DC Comics universe on the big screen.

“I am proud to participate in the construction of a new universe centered on black superheroes; our community deserves it. THE [produtora] The Outlier Society is committed to bringing diverse comic book content to life across all platforms and we’re excited to partner with Warner Bros at this early stage. “

The studio also said that:

“Outlier will be central to the creation of this project, and Jordan is a classic comic book fan, it’s an opportunity not only to build a new world, but also to build franchises. If the first film is successful, it will be the start of a cross-platform franchise. “

Additionally, the feature will be co-produced by Reginald Hudlin, the comedian responsible for the “Black Panther” story and some storm-focused “X-Men” editions.

Hudlin has also produced several major titles, such as “Free Django”, “Marshall” and “Everyone Hates Chris”.

Remembering that there is still no information on the directors, the actors or the possible premieres.

In the original animation, Virgil is a smart, intelligent, athletic, lively and very good-natured young man. When accidentally exposed to an unknown gas, he gains electrostatic superpowers and learns how to use them to become a superhero called Super Static Shock.

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