Survey finds more than half of Netflix users share their passwords

It’s no secret that many subscribers to streaming platforms often share their passwords with friends to share the monthly fee without worry.

However, Netflix makes it clear that sharing an account with someone other than the same family is considered a violation of user agreement.

As a result, Kill the Cable Bill decided to conduct a survey of anonymous readers in the United States to find out the percentage of users who share their data.

Unsurprisingly, it was revealed that 52.5% of subscribers shared their password at one point or another.

Within this range, 25.6% said they shared their password only with family members, 17.7% shared it with friends and 9.2% with children who do not live in the same. House.

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On the flip side, 47.5% said they never shared registration details with other people.

In addition, the survey shows that the increase in the platform’s prices prompted 26% of respondents to cancel their subscriptions.

However, 50% of loyal customers said they had no plans to give up on their plans.


“Have you ever shared your Netflix password with someone who doesn’t live in your home?”

“Do you plan to cancel Netflix after the price adjustment?”

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