‘Sweet Home’: Josh Lucas wants romantic comedy sequel with Reese Witherspoon

The romantic comedy ‘Sweet Home’ turns 19 in 2021 and even after so many years, star Josh Lucas still hasn’t given up on the idea of ​​a production sequel.

During his appearance on SiriusXM’s Pop Culture Spotlight radio show, he shared his interest in seeing the story of couple Melanie Smooter and Jake Perry win a new chapter on the big screen.

According to the actor, he’s excited about the possibility, but actress Reese Witherspoon’s tumultuous schedule would make production on the film difficult.

“Look, I would love to do the sequel. Problem is, Reese has a book club and is very busy. And I say it laughing, but Reese is… You know, I heard that, ‘Oh, you can talk to him about stuff in five years.’ He’s a tycoon! “

Released in 2002, the romantic comedy ‘Sweet Home’ follows Melanie, who has decided to run away from her husband Jake (Josh Lucas), leaves Alabama and lives secretly in New York. There she meets Andrew (Patrick Dempsey), son of the current mayor Kate Hennings (Candice Bergen), with whom she begins to go out. Everything is going well in Melanie’s life, until Andrew decides to ask her to marry him. She accepts the request, but must return to Alabama as soon as possible to divorce her current husband. But on her return, Mélanie will once again have to confront her past, from which she had tried so hard to escape.

Andy Tennant directed the feature film, from a screenplay signed by C. Jay Cox.

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