Taylor Swift’s 10 Best Music Videos

To wrap up our brief tribute to Taylor Swift’s 31st birthday, CinePOP has put aside a simple special article featuring ten of her best music videos.

To this end, we exclude promotional video clips for feature films and will not rank any of them – on the contrary, we will place them in the order they were released. Remember that we will not be analyzing the quality of the music, but of the clips.

Check out our picks below and tell us which one is your favorite:


Director: Trey Fanjoy

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Trey Fanjoy did a great job on “Love Story”, the first single from the album “Fearless”. Here, Fanjoy, as an extension of the letter signed by Swift, has created a timeless union between the present and the past, taking us to a tale that takes place centuries ago and which, in a way, has remained alive. till today. Between spectacular photography and adorable costumes, it is the chemistry of the protagonists that catches our attention the most.


Director: Declan Whitebloom

Shot entirely in sequence, the music video for “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” is one of the most daring of Taylor Swift’s career and was directed with psychotropic classicism by Declan Whitebloom. In the clip, the singer is exhausted from a back and forth and decides to end it all and move on – all while being accompanied by a group formed by people disguised as animals.


Director: Philip Andelman

“Begin Again” is one of the most subtle and passionate music videos of Taylor’s career and, directed by Philip Andelman, takes the artist on a wander through the City of Light in search of a new beginning. Accompanied by slow-motion takes and a melancholy, bluish color palette, the protagonist is pretty thoughtful until she finds a new love interest.


Director: Anthony Mandler

Anthony Mandler has worked with virtually every great artist in the music industry during his career – and, like iconic Rihanna’s “Diamonds”, one of his most well-known music videos is “22”. As music has become a cultural landmark for young people, Taylor celebrates her birthday here amid recklessness and explosive lyrical undoubtedly addicting in the extreme.


Director: Joseph Kahn


Joseph Kahn has a very refined and ethereal style, as we can see in “Womanizer” or “LoveGame”. It’s no surprise that he brought the same finesse to “Blank Space”, one of the official singles of “1989”. Here, Swift gives in to jealousy with psychotic attitudes when he confronts her boyfriend with possible betrayal.


Director: Kyle Newman

“Style” marked a profound transition between the earlier and later works of Swift. The music video, directed by Kyle Newman, carries a very dark and dreamlike atmosphere, mixing different elements and surreal forays into a mnemonic narrative, in which Swift remembers her love.


Director: Joseph Kahn

Another flawless collaboration between Swift and Kahn, “Wildest Dreams” could not be excluded from our list. Set in the 1950s, the golden age of Hollywood cinema, the singer plays a famous actress in the filming of a novel. However, his dreams are shattered when, on his debut day, she is heartbroken when she sees him with his real wife.


Director: Joseph Kahn

Kahn became a prolific collaborator in Taylor’s career and, for this reason, constantly surpassed himself. To kick off the ‘Reputation’ era, the director was invited to lead debut single ‘Look What You Made Me Do’, a sour and poignant tribute to all of Swift’s other albums – and shocking Easter Eggs. .


Director: Taylor Swift

Swift regained control of her career with the release of “Lover”, her 7th studio album. For that, she made her convinced solo debut in the direction of “The Man”, recounting in depth the critical lyrics about the society ruled by machismo. Here, she takes gender stereotypes to another level by playing a self-centered entrepreneur who behaves in the most unbearable way possible.


Director: Taylor Swift

Nothing could prepare us for “Folklore”, an album that reinvented the whole musical aesthetic of Swift. And nothing could prepare us for the music video for “cardigan”, the first single of the time which ended in an unexpected way. Back in charge, the artist joins Oscar nominee Rodrigo Prieto for a bucolic, synaesthetic and nostalgic journey.

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