Taylor Swift’s 10 Best Songs

Taylor Swift has a massive repertoire – and separating out just a part of her best songs is a very difficult thing to do.

Either way, we’ve taken on the challenge of separating his top ten songs to celebrate his 31st birthday, including a few forays from his latest albums, “Folklore” and “Evermore”.

Check out our picks below and tell us which one is your favorite:


Album: Reputation

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“Reputation” is a very dissonant album, so to speak. Circular production is unlike anything Taylor has ever shown us, and because of this, it ends up running up against some dated formulas. Fortunately, “Delicate” falls short of doing that. The competent and somber atmosphere is accompanied by vocal distortions, focused auto-tunnels and an opening for the passionate electro-synth.


Album: 1989

“Nice to meet you, where you were” is the opening verse “Blank Space”, one of the best singles of “1989”. Staying no less than seven weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 type, the song is beautifully written and earned two nominations in major Grammy categories: Song of the Year and Record of the Year. From its release until today, the title has sold more than 10 million copies.

8. “STYLE”

Album: 1989

With impeccable production from the legendary Max Martin, alongside Shellback and Ali Payami, “Style” also deserves a special place on our list, for the simple reason of being extremely well written and bringing a reflective tale. on a relationship that will never come back. The track is an interesting and moving mix of funk-pop, pop rock and synth-pop.


Album: Without Fear

Using and abusing her soprano scope, “Love Story” is one of Taylor Swift’s first singles – and one of the most memorable. Here, the still young singer and songwriter teamed up with Nathan Chapman for a country-pop plot about a forbidden passion his family disapproved of, drawing inspiration from the classic Shakespearean play ‘Romeo and Juliet’.

6. “I knew you had a problem”


Album: Red

One of Swift’s best-selling and acclaimed albums, ‘Red’ began the transition from an artist once rooted in her country and her American roots to pop – something that would come to fruition with ‘1989’. One of the production’s flagship products is “I Knew You Were Trouble,” a storyline centered around a toxic relationship driven by percussion, strings and impact synthesizers.


Album: Speak Now

While not just one, “Enchanted” is a deep and powerful semi-ballad that deserved more attention than it actually gets. Fortunately, the song has fallen into the popular taste for fabulous guitar and guitar chords, which guide us in a subtle crescendo until a flawless chorus explodes – and which will influence Birdy in his acclaimed song ” Wild Horses “.

4. “NO BODY, NO CRIME”, feat. HAIM

Album: Evermore

Taylor surprised us with the incredible poetry of Evermore in 2020, his surprise second album. With “no body, no crime”, the artist saves the harmonica and the guitar from his first forays and joins the HAIM trio for a declamation on infidelity with on-point dramatization and a carefully evocative production.


Album: 1989

Swift crafted a sinister and twisted fairy tale in “1989” with “Out of the Woods,” one of his most incredible semi-ballads. Teaming up with Jack Antonoff, who would become a constant contributor to his productions, the single is a synth-pop ode of indietronica, a contemporary 18th century arrangement that revolves around two lovers who have faced and will continue to face obstacles – no matter how difficult they are.

2. “EXIL”, feat. Good iver

Album: Folklore

Taylor made several collaborations throughout his life, but none of them reached the feet of “exile.” The melancholy, nostalgic track was performed alongside Bon Iver and, at the end of the day, the narcotic chemistry between the two singers is a poignant portrayal of two people who go their separate ways for some reason and now only have memories. blurs of a time that may never return.


Album: Red

Evocative lyrics and a lively country and soft-rock production are two of the elements that make “All Too Well” the best song ever to be released by Taylor Swift – and which, like so many other fine compositions, is not become a single.

Telling a ballad of power that brings out broken hearts and a derailed relationship, the song was first performed at the 2014 Grammy Awards, earning universal critical acclaim and a special place in the fans. Here, Swift joins Liz Rose and Nathan Chapman, who worked with her on the eponymous debut and ‘Fearless’, for an elegiac manifestation of tumultuous emotions.

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