Tech cooperative promises to revolutionize streaming market at end of 2021

According to Deadline, tech cooperative Xcinex is investing in a new streaming service modality to compete with leading companies in the industry.

The company will launch the Venue Streaming System at the end of 2021, which consists of a rental system for distributors and a connected TV set with an added dimension.

In a fund-sharing deal, Xcinex plans to release premium movies and series on demand, but the platform is focused on delivering shows, stand-up comedies, theatrical productions and sporting events.

As all of these entertainment models struggle to attract audiences due to restrictions, Xcinex intends to bring viewers closer to live experiences.

The most interesting thing is that, since it is a cooperative, the company has no connection with any of the major Hollywood studios, but it has attracted the attention of major investors.

Aladdin star Mena Massoud is one of the consultants on the platform, co-founded by Don Tannenbaum, who spent 41 years as an executive at Warner Bros. specializing in sales operations and new technologies.

Other members of the management team have previously worked at companies such as CBS, Awesomeness and Paramount.

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Unlike other streaming services, Xcinex intends to sell its premium content in the form of tickets based on demand for a particular attraction, which can lower the final price if that attraction is in high demand.

To measure the amount of demand, the company will use digitization to count the number of people watching the TV.

However, several consumers are increasingly rejecting the idea of ​​being watched by smart TVs, laptop cameras and internet connected speakers … so this will be Xcinex’s biggest challenge.

In an interview with the portal, Cihan Fuat Atkin, the founder of the company, defended the novelty.

“I wouldn’t say our clients are ‘watched’. I would say counting is a way to make sure the number of people in the venue matches the number of tickets we are selling. We do not do facial monitoring and do not reverse any of the information obtained in the master data. “

He continued:

“This data does not leak from our system, which is end-to-end encrypted and we take every precaution beyond industry standards to ensure that the data is not accessible to anyone. It’s machine vision, so no human being looks at a monitor. “

The Venue device also offers a range of free and subscription streaming service options, starting at $ 49.90, in addition to the premium content fee.

Either way, Atkin guarantees that those streaming content won’t have a better option than Venue, unless they make it to a live show, which is currently strictly prohibited.

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