Thanos’ story will be linked to “The Eternals”; Check out!

According to The Direct, a Marvel interactive exhibit in Canada confirmed Thanos’ connection to “ The Eternals, ” offering a possible clue to the upcoming film.

In the exhibit, information is presented through a speech by Thor, stating that the villain “is the last of an ancient and highly sophisticated species known as The Eternals.”

Additionally, it is revealed that it originated from Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, and must be considered extremely dangerous, posing a threat to the entire universe.

The most interesting thing about this connection is the claim that Thanos is the last of the Eternals, which is a clue to how the film will explore the characters and reinforces the theory that the Eternals live in secret on Earth. for thousands of years.

Scheduled for November 2021, “ The Eternals ” follows the journey of nearly immortal beings, products of the evolutionary divergence that gave birth to the human race millennia ago. The characters relate to several concepts already introduced in previous universe films, from Celestials (who appeared in “ Guardians of the Galaxy ”) to Thanos, whose own mother was one of his victims.

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The cast includes Angelina Jolie (Thena), Salma Hayek (Ajak), Kumail Nanjiani (Kingo), Lauren Ridloff (Makkari), Brian Tyree Henry (Phastos), Lia McHugh (Sprite), Don Lee (Gilgamesh), Gemma Chan (Sersi) ), Kit Harington (Dark Knight), Barry Kheogan (Druig) and Richard Madden (Ikaris).

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