The 10 best national films of 2021

Yes, 2021 has been a crazy year for the film industry. If Hollywood has suffered from the many delays and postponements of its premiere schedule, not to mention the national industry, which still had to fight against the many challenges that still hampered the making and distribution of films in Brazilian theaters. Despite everything, 2021 was a year that surprised by the quality of the productions, the social inclusion and the thematic variety of the films premiered in cinemas and on streaming platforms. Discover now the top 10, according to the average taken here at Cinepop:

10 – ‘The last forest’ – Luiz Bolognesi

The beautiful indigenous film, written by Davi Kopenawa Yanomami and Luiz Bolognesi (and directed by him) paints a true portrait of the life of the Yanomami people, in the north of the country, of their struggles against illegal mining but also of their inspiration in the spirits that guide the village in the daily challenges. It hit theaters in September and is available on Netflix.

9 – “Who will stay with Mario?” “- Hsu Chien

This charming romantic comedy starring Daniel Rocha tells the story of a young man who returns to his family’s house in southern Brazil to be with them and desperately seeks the strength to tell everyone – especially his father – that he’s gay. The cast also includes Nanny People and the feature is currently available on Prime Video.

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8 – “Os Salafrários” – Pedro Antônio

A surprising and realistic comedy about how the Brazilian way of doing things resolves things, for better or for worse. With Samantha Schmutz and Marcus Majella in the lead, it’s a film that makes you laugh from start to finish, available on Netflix.

7 – ‘Pixinguinha: an affectionate man’ – Denise Saraceni

With a rapid appearance in theaters in November, the ‘Pixinguinha’ biopic tells the life story of one of Brazil’s greatest samba dancers, responsible for countless successes. It features Seu Jorge and Taís Araújo in the lead roles, and it’s a sing-along movie. It hasn’t arrived on any streaming platform yet, but it’s worth keeping an eye out for.

6 – ‘Afterwards, I’m crazy’ – Júlia Rezende

There is one film that surprises, and many! With an air of comedy, the feature film with Debora Falabella is, in fact, a comedic and quite sad drama, with which many people will be able to identify because it touches a delicate point of the human psyche: obsessive-compulsive disorder. Released in theaters as the Audience Return to Theaters began, in the first half of the year, the film very much reflected the sentiment of many people who felt (and still feel) the need to clean everything up because of the pandemic. Available on Prime Video.

5 – ‘Carnival’ – Leandro Neri

Long before Gkay’s farofa, the young woman starred in this film which has the smell, color and flavor of ‘Carnival’. It tells the story of four friends who end up spending their days of festivities in Salvador, and, damn it! How this film manages to capture the essence of the days of madness and spiritual immersion that is the Bahia Carnival! For those who haven’t seen it, this is a great tip to start the year off with a fun vibe already. Available on Netflix.

4 – ‘Turma da Mônica: Lessons’ – Daniel Rezende

The long awaited sequel to the adventures of ‘Turma da Mônica’ does not disappoint. With a more mature theme, Magali, Cascão, Cebolinha and Mônica will, this time, have to face the separation and the important mission of growing up without ceasing to be a child. It is the last film to hit theaters in 2021, and it brings the catharsis necessary for viewers to leave 2021 with their souls washed.

3 – ‘Private desert’ – Aly Muritiba

Chosen as the Brazilian film to represent the country in the 2022 Oscar race, “Private Desert” continues in theaters and tells the touching story of an intolerant policeman who, without knowing it, ends up falling in love with ‘a man on the internet.

2 – ‘Mariguella’ – Wagner Moura

One of the most anticipated and controversial films of recent years arrived in 2021 and only premiered in theaters in November, and is already available on Globoplay. The biopic tells the story of political activist Carlos Mariguella, played by Seu Jorge.

1 – ‘7 Prisoners’ – Alexandre Moratto

After receiving applause at the Venice Film Festival and making its debut in select Brazilian theaters, “7 Prisioneiros” has arrived on Netflix with another beautiful (or terrible, depending on your perspective) performance from Rodrigo Santoro as the executioner. ruthless who punishes and deceives young people in a network of forced labor in a rubbish dump in São Paulo.

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