The 10 most exciting moments in Pixar animation

With 34 years of history, Pixar Animation Studios is more than consolidated as one of the greatest animation studios of the seventh art. In all, there were 22 feature films, some of which are true film classics.

In addition to entertaining the viewers a lot, society has created the custom of making many people cry in their films. Anyone here who has never cried in a Pixar movie should ask for help, as their body is missing something.

CinePOP has decided to recall some of the most exciting moments from Pixar movies. And it wasn’t an easy choice, after all almost every animation in the studio has some touching moments. Be sure to participate through the comments! Which scene made you cry the most ?!

10) Dory begs Marlin not to leave (Find Nemo)

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Heartbroken after discovering that his son Nemo was dead, Marlin decides to isolate himself and come home alone. He thanks Dory for her help and leaves. Desperate, she begs him to stay by her side, saying that she feels at home by her side and that she remembers things better. “I don’t want to forget,” Dory says. “I’m sorry, Dory, but I want to,” Marlin replies. Even with the audience knowing that Nemo is doing well, it’s impossible not to be moved by the pain of this father and the despair of his friend, destined to erase everything they’ve been through from his head. By far the most touching scene in Finding Nemo (2003).

9) Buzz finds out he’s a toy (Toy Story)

After talking a lot with Woody for saying he wasn’t a real astronaut, Buzz Lightyear stumbled upon an advertisement for his toy on television. Sorry, he does not accept such a reality. To the sound of Randy Newman’s magnificent “I Will Go Sailing No More”, Buzz still believes he can fly and decides to jump down the stairs to the window. It screams “endlessly and beyond” and seems to fly for a few moments. Only he falls. In addition to having to face the reality that it is a toy, he still breaks one of his arms. The music makes all the difference in the scene and shows that Toy Story was much more than a movie about toys that came to life.

8) Sully says goodbye to Boo (Monstros SA)

Farewell is never easy, especially after a history of friendship and discovery like that of Sulley and Boo at Monstros SA. After a real adventure in Monstropolis, Sully and Mike must send Boo back to the real world. Worse yet, they know they will have to destroy the door to the girl’s bedroom so that she is no longer threatened by Randall and his company. It is therefore particularly touching to live the moment through Sully’s eyes. He enters the little girl’s room with her, puts her to sleep and says goodbye to her with the feeling that he will never find her again. Luckily Mike rebuilds the girl’s door and we have a reunion at the end, but that doesn’t make the farewell any less exciting.

7) Wall-E recognizes Eva (Wall-E)

The debut of Wall-E is perhaps one of the most beautiful things Pixar has ever produced. A tribute to silent cinema capable of thrilling the coldest of moviegoers. However, it doesn’t have to be a moment that makes you cry. On the other hand … it is difficult to escape the tears at the end of the film, especially when Wall-E loses his memory. After years of cultivating a nostalgic and delicacy personality, our little robot has fallen and doesn’t care about the objects he cultivated on Earth and doesn’t even recognize his beloved Eva. After moments of lamentation, when Eva suffered from not being recognized, a touch of “hands” ended up sending the memory back to the robot. It is touching, delicate and very beautiful.

6) Jessie’s Story (Toy Story 2)

Toy Story 2 may not have the recognition of the first film, nor the emotional attachment of the third. Now he has at least one heartbreaking scene. In a flashback without any dialogue, all to the sound of the very sad “When She Loved Me”, in the voice of Sarah MacLachlan, we follow the life course of the cowgirl Jessie. If in the first film we followed Woody’s fear of being forgotten by Andy, we see here that this is exactly what happened to Jessie. The clip shows how she went from little girl Emily’s favorite toy to the gift object. It’s touching, beautiful and very complex. A clear demonstration of the feelings Pixar can produce.

5) Toys hand in hand in the oven (Toy Story 3)

A scene that shivers just to remember. After a long journey of three films in which they’ve had to deal with the passage of time and abandonment, Andy’s toys find themselves in an oven, on the verge of being burned. And, in the moment of desperation, what do they do? They accept their fate and hold hands to die together. AS WELL AS?!? It’s a children’s movie, Pixar! Don’t traumatize me! In the end, we know everyone escapes and survives, but for a few moments we were all forced to deal with this sense of loss and friendship. It has complexity and impact that are difficult to measure. Potentially shocking, but really exciting.

4) Bing Bong Sacrifice (Fun Spirit)

Bing Bong disappears and says, “Save Riley … Take her to the moon for me.” Just remembering that Fun Mind moment makes you want to cry. Pixar approaches so many feelings and in such a complex way that it’s hard to even talk about. Yes, he was an imaginary friend, but he was super real in this scenario, which makes his sacrifice something symbolic and devastating. How to imagine a “person” giving his life for the happiness of his friend in a film for children? The scene certainly traumatized some children, but it touched the adults much more, who no doubt remembered their childhood and the friendships they had left behind. Rest in peace, Bing Bong.

3) Andy gives his toys to Bonnie (Toy Story 3)

Speaking of adults who cry to remember childhoods left behind… What about the end of Toy Story 3 ?! The one who didn’t cry in the oven scene, barely resisted the last moment of the film, in which Andy gives all his toys to young Bonnie. It is sad to see the boy abandon his childhood. It is heartbreaking to find that at some point he can hardly give up on his most loyal companion, Sheriff Woody. The ending of Toy Story 3 is one of the most beautiful and saddest in movie history. And one of the highlights of Pixar’s decades of production.

2) Remember me (Viva: Life is a Party)

A boy presenting a song to his grandmother. A grandmother coming to terms with the memory of her father. A family that reconciles with a passion for music. So much is present in this delicate scene from Viva: life is a party difficult to put into words. And all this to the sound of a beautiful Oscar-winning song. Just with a heart of stone so as not to cry when I saw young Miguel play “Remember me” for his grandmother. Directed by Lee Unkrich, the film also won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature in 2018.

1) The clip of Carl and Ellie’s married life (Up – Altas Aventuras)

The opening clip for Up – Altas Aventuras is one of those hard things to believe. It seemed unlikely that a children’s animation would risk tackling such serious topics, albeit in a very delicate way. But we’re talking about Pixar … Telling the love story from Carl and Ellie’s childhood to old age, the film goes through the ups and downs of the relationship. Audiences quickly fall in love with the couple and suffer from seeing sad moments in their lives, like the loss of an unborn baby and, of course, the death of his wife. Everything is so fast, so delicate and, at the same time, so loud, that it is almost impossible not to cry.

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