The 11 best Brazilian movies and series of 2020!

With everyone at home for much of 2020, Brazilian audiences had the opportunity to experience several new national productions, many of which were originally slated to debut in theaters and ended up going straight to platforms. streaming. Now check out what has gone best in Brazilian audiovisual this year:

11 – ‘M-8: When death helps life’ (cinema)

Awarded at the Rio Festival 2019, the long-awaited “ M-8 ” debuted at the end of the year in Brazilian cinemas, bringing a narrative line centered on the protagonist Mauricio (Juan Paiva), the only black student in medical school and struggling to realize that the bodies used for research and testing in college are black bodies like him.

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10 – ‘Alice Júnior’ (film, Canal Brasil / NOW / Netflix)

One of the best youth titles released this year features a trans girl who goes to study in a Catholic school and has to deal with prejudices and differences in this new universe. Through comedy, the film discusses inclusion, rights and sexuality.

9 – ‘Reality Z’ (series, Netflix)

What if, on a reality TV show, a zombie invasion took place in the outside world, infecting everyone and isolating the participants in the house, who wouldn’t know what is going on? Blending adventure, terror and comedy, Netflix’s national zombie series has earned a reputation for entertaining audiences in an unpretentious way.

8 – ‘Under pressure: Covid in service’ (series, Globoplay)

Although with only two special episodes dealing with the pandemic that hit the world in this year 2020, the series has managed to overcome itself again, bringing emotion and veracity to fictitious situations, bringing viewers closer to the world facing the healthcare professionals – this year more than ever. .

7 – ‘Desalma’ (series, Globoplay)

The dark series “Desalma” caught the attention of viewers for bringing a more sinister reading of Brazil. Located in a city in the south of the country, the fictional plot works both occult and witchcraft and Scandinavian culture on Brazilian soil.

6 – ‘As Five’ (series, Globoplay)

The first spin-off of the hit series “Malhação” has arrived to shock and completely move away from the innocent aspect presented in the afternoon on national television. In all six episodes, themes such as sex and sexuality, employment and freedom are discussed in an open and more realistic way in the group of five friends from São Paulo.

5 – “ The most beautiful thing ” (series, Netflix)

The 2nd season of the “Coisa Mais Linda” series was worth the wait every day. Turning the axis of the story from Malu (Maria Casadevall) to Adélia (Pathy Dejesus), the plot gained geographic space, leaving the classic southern zone and moving up the hill, showing that the reality of women was there enough. different from that of the socialites of Rio-Sao Paulo.

4 – ‘Pacarrete’ (cinema)

Although it took part in festivals in 2019, ‘Pacarrete’ made its theatrical debut in 2020, already in the reopening phase. Based on a true story, the plot centers around a lady, named Pacarrete, who wants to perform a ballet for her town’s birthday, Russas, but locals regard her as crazy and eccentric. Very sensitive, the film discusses the relevance of culture for a society that does not give importance to its own inhabitants and its own history.

3 – ‘Babenco – Someone must hear the heart and say: stopped’ (cinemas / NOW)

Chosen by the Brazilian academy to be the national representative in the race for a 2021 Oscar nomination, the film has a documentary structure and poetically records the last moments in the life of Buenos Aires-Brazilian director Hector Babenco. It is also the first directorial work of actress Bárbara Paz.

2 – ‘AmarElo – That’s it for yesterday’ (documentary, Netflix)

Produced and signed by singer Emicida, the documentary – which premiered in December on Netflix – quickly rose to the number one favorite of the year on many people’s lists, including some of the critics here at CinePOP. Recorded in November 2019 at the São Paulo Municipal Theater, the film goes beyond music and depicts the importance of black culture for the formation of Brazil.

1 – ‘Hello, Veronica’ (series, Netflix)

One of the most discussed and searched series on Google, has thrilled viewers, critics and celebrities alike. Commissioned by investigator Verônica (Tainá Müller), the eight episodes of the first season deal with violence against women at home and at work. If you haven’t watched it yet, check it out, as the series is already winning multiple awards and the international awards season hasn’t started yet!

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