The 15 best music videos of 2020

To wrap up our end-of-year music special, we’ve split the top fifteen music videos of 2020 as part of the final post to celebrate one of the music industry’s most memorable years.

From lesser-known works, like “Joan of Arc on the dance floor”, to the more popular, like “WAP” and “Watermelon Sucre”, discover our choices below:

Director: Roddy Ricch, Christian Breslauer

Roddy Ricch ordered the video for “The Box” with solid force, the story of which placed him at the center of a “Fast and Furious” style. Going through several moments of an action-packed life, Ricch reflects on his growing success and how everything can be viewed with unnecessary exaggeration.

Enjoy watching:

14. “MELON SUGAR”, Harry Styles

Director: Bradley & Pablo

“Watermelon Sugar” joined our list of top songs from last year – and it’s clear Harry Styles’ acclaimed single would win an official music video on the same level. Styles reportedly used certain psychotropic drugs to compose the album, which explains the clip’s 1960s references and vibrant color palette.

Director: Dave Meyers

The eponymous debut single from “ Positions, ” Ariana Grande’s latest album, was accompanied by an incredible clip architected in semi-shots in a sequence in which one of the most interesting singers today takes the presidency. of the United States – the position of high greed.

Director: Ali Kurr

Exaggerated, colorful, deliberately artificial – these are some of the rare adjectives that characterize “XS”, one of the iconic music videos from Rina Sawayama’s debut album. The director created an easy-to-understand narrative and presented the artist as a pin-up robot who sells an expensive and unnecessary producer.

11. “FEVER”, Dua Lipa, Angéle

Realization: WAFLA

Musical movies that don’t want to be more than they can are always welcome – and for that reason, “Fever” made our list. Here, Dua Lipa and Angéle talk about passionate chemistry as they stroll through the dark streets of a city, go to nightclubs or even eat fries at a food truck.

Director: Jovan Todorovic

Jovan Todorovic brought a cinematic aesthetic to “Spotlight”, one of several singles from Jessie Ware’s acclaimed album “What’s Your Pleasure?” On board a bullet train, Ware travels through lost corridors in moments that never return – and through a frenzied, spooky edit.

The fifth single from Black Eyed Peas’ latest album brought an unexpected partnership with Shakira. The iconic Latin artist stole the show in a lively music video, commanding moves from fashion to Jane Fonda’s workouts.

Director: Taylor Swift

In his new foray as a director, Taylor Swift found “cardigan” one of the best stories of his entire career. Armed only with a grand piano, Swift travels through fantastic worlds, admiring the wilderness of a forest or struggling to survive in a storm on the high seas.

7. “RACHA”, Urias

Production: Brabo

Urias had already made history by winning a Berlin Award statuette for the irreplaceable “Diaba” – and returned this year again with the official music video for “Racha”. Living up to the song’s title, Urias sensualizes with flowing movements and poses next to a racing car, standing in black and white spotlights.

Director: Colin Tilley

Colin Tilley created a bizarre and fun experience with “WAP”, the official music video performed by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion. He therefore decided to create a conflicting juxtaposition between the explicit content of the song and the colorful visuals, placing the performers in an infinite mansion, in a perfect balance between elegance, sensuality and extravagance.

Director: Alana O’Herlihy, Miley Cyrus

“Prisoner” is not only one of the best musical films of the year, but also of the last decades. Directed by Alana O’Herlihy and Miley Cyrus, the story features the duo formed by Cyrus and Dua Lipa embodying the particular style of The Runaways, with leather garments, a sober color palette and an inviting and narcotic seventh filter. .


Director: Daniel Carberry

Yeah, yeah, “Physical” is an amazing music video, but have you seen another version with Dua Lipa? The training video directed by Daniel Carberry is a rare gem of the YouTube platform and, this time, embodies Jane Fonda through a love letter with striking costumes and dynamic movements.

3. “ALREADY”, Beyoncé

Director: Beyoncé

“ALREADY” is part of the movie “BLACK IS KING” – and encapsulates how important Beyoncé is to the celebration and exploration of African culture, bringing her onto the mainstream stage and revisiting her ancestral roots. Inspired by the Zulu and Xhosa tribes, the story is an allegory for the liberation of the black community from all the dilemmas it has faced over the centuries.


Director: Aly Michalka, Stephen Ringer

While most artists were confined to the last decades of the last century, Aly & AJ took it one step further and returned to the early days of film art with the music video for “Joan of Arc on the Dance Floor”. Rotating through a 16mm and 35mm lens, the style of the clip is inspired by German expressionism and feature films from the silent era of cinema.

Director: Tarsem Singh

Nothing could prepare us for what Lady Gaga had in store in the world of “Chromatica”.

For the album’s third single, “911”, Gaga embraces surrealist art alongside Tarsem Singh, drawing inspiration from classic elements of cinema, including the feature films “A Cor da Romã” and “8 1 / 2 ”. The artist wakes up in a desert, surrounded by pomegranates, then follows a mysterious knight into a village where the strangest things happen. The dreamlike tale ends with a gigantic turnaround, which has become one of the most talked about topics of the year and has shocked fans around the world.

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