“The Adventures of Paddington 2”: Hugh Grant’s children hated the sequel; I found out why!

‘The Adventures of Paddington’ has grown into an unexpectedly critical and financially successful franchise, telling the story of the lovable titular bear.

However, not everyone seemed to like the second feature. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Hugh Grant, who played antagonist Felix Buchanan in the sequel, commented that he made a special screening for his family. But the result was quite different from what he expected: his kids said they didn’t like the production.

“I managed to do a special exhibit and took several of my kids and they hated it. One of them turned to me after a while and asked, “Why do you like the movie so much?” Which was very painful. But I have to say that, some time later, they started to like ”.

Despite the “reviews,” Grant considers the second film the best film of his career.

During an interview with Vanity Fair, the veteran reflected on the success of the film, reflecting on a somewhat uncomfortable situation experienced behind the scenes at the Golden Globes. Seen by netizens as an actor reduced to a single children’s film, he went against the expectations of fans, claiming how much he enjoys being associated with the feature film.

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And in the interview, Grant took it a step further, pointing out that perhaps “The Adventures of Paddington 2” is the best film of his professional career.


“I was presenting the Golden Globe, I think, and they do that thing when you take the stage, where they say ‘from the upcoming The Adventures of Paddington 2 release, Hugh Grant’. And someone later showed me Twitter and people were laughing at me, saying things like, “Christ, he’s come to this point. Poor Hugh. Paddington 2. Sequence for children ”. And in this case, it’s particularly boring, because I sincerely believe that it is perhaps the best I have ever participated in ”.

It should be remembered that “ The Adventures of Paddington 2 ” was put forward to become the highest rated Rotten Tomatoes movie, with 100% positive reviews.

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