The Bad Batch – Everything you need to know about the new “Star Wars” series?

There are less than twenty-four hours before the premiere of the long-awaited series “The Bad Batch”, a new production from the “Star Wars” universe that promises to please the Sith and Jedi. However, as a bit of general film knowledge comes out, we’ll walk you through more or less what to expect from the new series:

Double start

Disney + subscribers have already realized that the platform’s first day is Friday, however, to celebrate the premiere of “ The Bad Batch ” and World Star Wars Day – tomorrow, May 4, which in May is English, the 4th, which makes a pun sound with the famous phrase from the saga, “May the Force be with you” – the first episode of the new series premieres tomorrow! Then, the new episodes will arrive on the platform every Friday. In other words, this week we will have two new episodes, wow!

What should I watch before “The Bad Batch”?

Well, it makes sense that the idea is to see everything from Star Wars, doesn’t it, but, for this specific series, it would be nice to see the animated series “The Clone Wars”. Yes, it’s seven seasons, but that’s where the central story of “The Bad Batch” comes from. Run that there is time!

Who are the bad lots?

If you’ve watched “Clone Wars” you already know the Bad Batch, but if not, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered: these are the “spoiled” (pun intended) Troopers. They are a team of Troopers whose DNA has been mutated from the original model, intentionally altered to develop specific skills.

Clone Force 99

Well, this is the name of the unit of these Troopers, and it was named in honor of clone number 99, a malformed and faulty clone who was assigned to work as a janitor, instead of being a soldier. 99 gave his life to help the Domino group (another important group from “The Clone Wars”).

Enjoy watching:

Incorrect batch functionality

You can already understand that these Troopers are outside the norm of the rule, right? They have a 100% utilization rate (unlike normal Troopers, who can’t even have a can in the desert), but they’re also quite reckless and impulsive. Although individually explosive, it is the ability to work as a team, as a unit, that most strengthens and surprises this group of soldiers.


As already said, the series will follow the time immediately after “The Clone Wars”. This means that everything indicates that we will be able to witness the first years of the Empire’s rise – for the first time!

Mysterious child

This is not the first time that the future is in the hands of a child. Everything indicates that we will have another mysterious child here, a new character in the saga, and supposedly his name will be Omega. She seems to have a motorized bow as a weapon. This is the biggest center of theory among fans, as it’s unclear if she’s a boy or a girl or even if she’s also a clone as her name fits into the clone naming pattern.

Moff tarkin

Everything indicates that the main antagonist of the series will be Moff Tarkin. The trailer shows the Bad Batch formation in what appears to be Kamino, the house of the clones. Since Echo is a part of this scene, everything points to it happening towards the end of the Clone Wars, and not after. Moff Tarkin is impressed with the abilities of the clones, but is concerned about their level of disobedience.

Palpatine clone

Here the speculation begins, and this theory was raised by the website, which claims that the mysterious child was a clone of the emperor himself. This theory is corroborated by “The Ascension Skywalker”, in which Palpatine is said to have experimentally created clones of himself. It will be?

Child pendant

In Star Wars, everything connects, even the front pendant worn by the child Omega becomes the subject of theories. According to the Star Wars Meg channel, it is very similar to the one used by Nala Se in the Clone Wars, and that would be an indication that this gem would be of greater value to the Kaminoans.

Female clone

Also in the universe of theories, fans believe that Omega, the Mysterious Child, may in fact be a clone of Jango Fett. This is reinforced by the character’s original English accent, which has a New Zealand tone, characteristic of the clones. If the kid grew up surrounded by clones, it makes sense that he adopted that accent and was asked to join the Bad Batch. The question that remains is: why would the Kaminoans have created a female clone?

Dear characters

Prepare your hearts, because the beloved characters of the franchise will be back! Among those already confirmed, we can expect to see Saw Guerrera, the little robot R2-D2, Fennec Shand and Commander Rex. Hey!

What’s up? Are you excited to watch “The Bad Batch”?

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