The best events of 2021

2021 is coming to an end, and as is customary here at CinePOP, we’re starting our year-end lists.

In it we contemplate the best animations of the year and, therefore, we consider both feature films and series, migrating from the Italian coast of “Luca” to the fantastic world of “Troll Hunters”. However, we do not consider hybrid productions as an eligibility criterion.

Check out our picks below and tell us what your favorite track was:


The story of “Raya and the Dragon” may not be original, drawing heavily on the timeless archetypes of the hero’s journey, but it all fits perfectly into this magical adventure. Set in the fantasy world of Kumandra, where humans and dragons have long lived in harmony, Raya is a lone warrior princess who must save her family and everyone in her kingdom after an evil has unleashed and threatens to end. ‘bring that chaos and loss.

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The charming and heartfelt animation ‘Ron Bugado’ tells the story of young Barney, an eleven-year-old boy who struggles to make new friends, and his partner Ron, a high-tech artificial intelligence who walks, talks and is “the best friend out of the box” by Barney. But when Ron begins to see his functioning compromised, the two embark on an action-packed adventure, where the friendship between the two is revealed to be true.

Written and directed by Jorge R. Gutiérrez, the brilliant mind behind the acclaimed ‘Festa no Céu’ animation, ‘Maya e os 3 Guerreiros’ is a miniseries that celebrates South American cultures and deserves to be enjoyed in its entirety. The plot takes place in a mythical world, where magic is real and four kingdoms reign, and revolves around a brave and rebellious warrior princess named Maya. She embarks on a fantastic adventure to fulfill an ancient prophecy, but will she be able to defeat the gods and save humanity?


The closing film of the beloved “Troll Hunters” saga, nicknamed “The Rise of the Titans”, is the reunion everyone has been waiting for from the incredible characters created by the master of fantasy Guillermo Del Toro. Praised by critics and audiences alike, the plot takes us back to the mystical city of Arcadia, a magical vessel that becomes the center of battles between creatures such as trolls, aliens, and wizards. When your world is threatened, the mightiest heroes join forces to stop the destruction of mankind.

Pixar’s latest animation is a festive feast for the eyes and transports us to the paradisiacal and vibrant island community of Portorosso. Here, the main protagonist forms a strong friendship with Alberto, and both being sea creatures, be careful not to reveal their identities to humans. When they realize the world outside the ocean is filled with amazing things, they confront their own fear and identity to break free from the shackles and realize that not all is what it seems.

The first spinoff production of ‘The Witcher’ surprised everyone for its narrative and aesthetic quality – garnering no less than 100% approval on Rotten Tomatoes and deservedly taking fourth place on our list. The plot follows Vesemir, mentor of Geralt of Rivia (from the original story), a swaggering wizard who escaped a life of poverty to kill monsters for coins. But when a strange new monster begins to terrorize a politically charged kingdom, Vesemir finds himself on a chilling adventure that requires him to face demons from his past.

Heavily nominated for the main awards of 2022 (including the Oscar), ‘Encanto’ has been named best animated film by Walt Disney Studios since ‘Moana – A Sea of ​​Adventures’ and also one of the most moving of Casa Mouse. Brought to life by music and the exhilaration of Colombian culture, the plot centers on the Madrigal family, who have been blessed by the magic of an enchanted candle and are now endowed with the most diverse abilities. But when the power of the candle is threatened, it’s up to young Mirabel to save them all.

Among countless adaptations of half-baked games, ‘Arcane’ went against the grain and became one of the most acclaimed titles of the year, for its stunning graphics, engaging storytelling and the essence of games. ‘League of Legends’ on the small screen. Set in the thriving Piltover region and the oppressed underground city of Zaun, the story explores the origins of two iconic champions and the power that will separate them. In the midst of the conflict between these Twin Cities, two sisters fight on either side of a war between magical technologies and incompatible beliefs.


A few months ago, Netflix and Sony Animation released the incredible “The Mitchell Family and the Rise of the Machines,” an adventure through the world of tech and family ties that has become one of the best titles in the world. ‘year. With young Katie (Abbi Jacobson) as the protagonist, the narrative centers on the machine-engineered human debacle. When electronics around the world promote the apocalypse, it’s up to her and her family to save the planet – and try not to kill themselves along the way.

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