The best movies of 2020

The year 2020 is finally over. It’s late. The year that did not happen, among other things, left moviegoers absorbed in their homes, unable to set foot in its temple: the cinemas. We had three miserable months of opening in theaters and after that, seclusion, with home movies in the stream. Thanks to this new audiovisual power, we were able to discover quality productions. After that, the reopening was repeated a few times, where some might risk watching movies like Christopher Nolan’s Tenet, The New Mutants, and Wonder Woman 1984 (more recently), for example.

But what matters is to lift your head and move on, in the hope of a better and fuller 2021. Even so, here at CinePOP we were able to muster the forces to list the 10 best film productions of 2020. Democratically, seven courageous members of our editorial team chose the best films they watched this fateful year, between theaters. and streamings.

For the task, this faithful friend who speaks to you took an average of the choices of my colleagues for the famous annual ranking. In our rule, the movies that tied the score were decided first by the number of people who voted for them (the more people voted, the better). But in the case of an equal number of voters, the tiebreaker was made by the position of the film in the personal lists (i.e. which film is better positioned in the individual list). Check out our team’s individual lists below, without further ado.

10 | Wonder Woman 1984

Upon its theatrical release, the new film from the mighty Amazon is already on our list of the best of the year. After the success of the original, at least one movie was as good as expected. We won a better one. The highlight is performances by Kristen Wiig and Pedro Pascal, who play Barbara Minerva and Maxwell Lord respectively. Their motives are very clear and well defined, both of them being humanized and dangerous villains who generate empathy and hatred in viewers to the correct extent. Gal Gadot remains brilliant in the lead role. The charisma of the actress is what makes the film work and, this time, she is even more comfortable and imposing, as the story deepens in her origin and creates a multi-faceted and realistic heroine, with its successes and its mistakes. Her onscreen chemistry with Chris Pine is enviable and becomes one of the highlights of the production.

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09 | What remains behind

The most acclaimed horror film of 2020 is this Netflix production which, in a very clever way, inserts the issue of the issue of refugees in Europe: a discussion that is increasingly on the agenda around the world. Awarded at Sundance in early 2020, His House premiered worldwide on Netflix on October 30. Launched on the eve of Halloween, the macabre decor combines with the tone of the time and evokes a still unusual analogy in the horror genre, the grim reality of African refugees in Europe. The symbology and the adaptation process are the strengths of the story of new British director Remi Weekes.

08 | Never, rarely, sometimes, always

Written and directed by filmmaker Eliza Hittman, this drama about teenage girls seeking help in New York City with unwanted pregnancies, debuted at the Sundance Film Festival and marks the director’s second feature film career. An absolute critical success (with an impressive 99% approval from the trade press), the film is a powerhouse in directing and performance, reaffirming Hittman’s talent as a director of unusual grace and sensitivity.

07 | Hamilton

Famous Broadway musical that consolidates artist Lin-Manuel Miranda as one of the biggest names in the genre today. Here we don’t exactly have a film production, but a video recording of the show, released as part of the Disney + streaming collection. Considered one of the greatest musicals in history, this is a biography of Alexander Hamilton, a controversial and complex character who lost his mother, saw his city destroyed by a hurricane and ultimately decided he had to make history and change the status quo. imperialism which the British monarchy was transporting from its frozen lands to the new world. However, here’s the turnaround: The creator, director, lyricist, screenwriter, songwriter, actor and singer decided to put white supremacy aside and brought representativeness like never before to the mainstream scene, engaging Latin, black and white actors. Asian people to tell real events.

06 | The supreme voice of the blues

Last work on the screens of the late Chadwick Boseman (Black Panther), a young actor in the prime of his life. It is an essential element of this biography of the “mother of the blues” Ma Rainey, experienced in a spectacular way by Viola Davis. The Supreme Voice of the Blues is an adaptation of August Wilson’s famous Broadway play and brings to life the aspirations with which he, as the son of a German immigrant and a dark maid, lived through it all. throughout his childhood. And giving voice to the testimonies of his own childhood, he produced the acclaimed work, originally titled Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, a manifesto of African-American culture.

05 | I think of ending it all

New production from director Charlie Kaufman, and his first partnership with Netflix. Kaufman is a unique artist, with strange peculiarities and singular in terms of creativity. In his repertoire, works like Quero Ser John Malkovich (1999), Adaptação (2002) and Anomalisa (2015). I think of the end. Everything goes a long way in his argumentation on causation and existentialism to talk about relationships and intertwine them with pop culture. Still in the first part, the feature film presents cuts from the daily car trip of a guard walking through the corridors of a school… What does Charlie Kaufman mean to us with this trip? As the questions overflow, Kaufman reminds us that this is all poetry, as his protagonist puts it: “Colors are actions and pain”.

04 | Black is king

Kind of giant video clip, with 1h 25min of projection, Black is King is defined as a “visual album” by singer Beyoncé, inspired by the film The Lion King (2019), the “live-action” version, in which the singer dubbed one of the characters and produced the soundtrack. In a moving synaesthetic journey of passage to adulthood, the artist does not stop at any time: each scene that she constructs is an audiovisual jewel, whether it is to present us the various panoramas of the African continent outside the specter, or to shock us. with irreverence and scenic twists that flee conventionality, drawing metaphors from a core marked by bitterness and the need to scream. The image transfer that transposes for 85 minutes retracts and develops with an applauding naturalness, giving a unique meaning to what we mean by “multiculturalism”. But make no mistake: despite the windfall promoted by the mood of the feature film, its sequences are loaded with veiled criticism and masked ironies that denounce what needs to be denounced – and what should have been in order. of the day for a long time.

03 | Detachment of blood

With this original Netflix production, director Spike Lee looks back on the popularity he once had with Do the Right Thing (1989). The first push in this direction was with the Oscar nominee (and incredibly popular) infiltrating the Klan. Next closely, Detachment Blood confirms this new cult wave of the artist. Detachment Blood is a punch to the pit of the stomach which, like so many atrocities we see with more frightening-than-normal consistency in the media, does not give us time to breathe before the next blow. Lee proves once again that he is a director with an urgent need for today with a deliberate and inevitably violent gem.

02 | 1917

Released earlier this year in our country, this war drama was one of the highlights of the 2020 Oscar. The film by director Sam Mendes was nominated for 10 awards, and won three technical statuettes, including the better photography. Other than that, he’s one of the mainstream favorites of all time. In the plot, two young soldiers from World War I are charged with an almost suicidal mission: to find, in the midst of the monstrous conflict, an officer and deliver him a letter with orders to stop an attack – an enemy trap. Episodically, the couple jump from event to event, passing a dark mine full of explosive rats, a fallen bridge, rapid falls, trenches, planes that fall and nearly hit them, encounters with allies, and more. A virtuous exercise that immerses us in the experience, makes us live this journey full of adrenaline.

01 | The invisible Man

In 2020, we didn’t have time to see almost anything in theaters. But we’re extremely grateful that we got to watch The Invisible Man. Written and directed by Leigh Whannel, the film gives reasons for terror to exist, it is not free. Much more than a monster film – which will appeal to adult audiences – the film ends its plot in an identifiable realism, which only adds to the substance of the work. In the plot, the always great Elisabeth Moss plays Cecilia Kass, a woman victim of domestic violence by her powerful partner, tech entrepreneur Adrian Griffin (role of Oliver Jackson-Cohen, from the Netflix series The Curse of the Hill Residence). The Invisible Man is the best of both worlds: it manages to freeze its spine and accurately insert all of its scares (without overdoing it) like the best “shopping horror” movies, all while offering in-depth behavioral analysis. and great figures appearing straight out of the so-called “terror of art”.

Individual lists:

Renato Marafon – Editor-in-chief

01. 1971
02. A quiet place – Part 2
03. Wonder Woman 1984
04. The invisible man
05. The connection
06. Final destruction: the last refuge
07. What remains behind
08. The hunt
09. Birds of prey
10. Gallery of Broken Hearts

Rafa Gomes – Writer and critic

01. One night in Miami
02. 1917
03. Hamilton
04. Jojo Rabbit
05. The assistant
06. Detachment blood
07. The supreme voice of the blues
08. I think of ending it all
09. What remains behind
10. The 40 year old version

Letícia Alassë – Reviewer

01. I think of ending it all
02. What’s left behind
03. The invisible man
04. No one knows I’m here
05. The supreme voice of the blues
06. Nursery
07. The Chicago 7
08. Babenco: Someone must hear the heart and say stop
09. The expanse of night
10. #Alive

Thiago Nolla – Writer and critic

01. Black is king
02. The supreme voice of the blues
03. Detachment blood
04. Beautiful women
05. Jojo Rabbit
06. Wonder Woman 1984
07. Emma.
08. The boys of the group
09. Mank
10. Birds of prey

Lucas Salgado – Reviewer

01. Hamilton
02. Mank
03. Never, rarely, sometimes, always
04. Sertânia
05. Sertânia
06. The sound of silence
07. The invisible man
08. AmarElo
09. The expanse of night
10. Detachment blood

Janda Montenegro – Reviewer

01. Black is king
02. The well
03. 1917
04. The invisible man
05. Bitter medicine
06. Soul
07. AmarElo
08. Package
09. Miracle in cell 7
10. Love with a date

Miguel Morales – Reviewer

01. Howard – a genius sleeps
02. Never, rarely, sometimes, always
03. The 40 year old version
04. The invisible man
05. Detachment blood
06. Bad education
07. The Chicago 7
08. On the rocks
09. Broken Hearts Gallery
10. Soul

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