“The Black Telephone”: the horror praised by the director of “Doctor Strange” wins a beautiful retro poster; To verify!

The horror ‘The Black Phone’, new film from director Scott Derrickson (‘Doctor Strange’, ‘The Entity’) for Blumhouse, won a beautiful retro poster showcasing the main antagonist of the tale.

To verify:

Recalling that Universal Pictures has changed the premiere of the feature film from February 4 to June 24, 2022.

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On Rotten Tomatoes, production has started with no less than 100% approval, scoring 7.60 / 10 based on 9 reviews to date.

Check out the main comments:

“[O filme] it’s meaningful, scary, frightening and filled with powerful performances ”- VitalThrills.com.

“Hawke’s performance is courageous. But it’s Mason Thames as Finney who keeps the film down when the most supernatural elements call for it. – Dread Central.

“A haunting and entertaining film that reminds us that horror is everywhere” – IndieWire.

“’The Black Phone’ develops a story in a way that is very faithful to the original material” – THR.

“Derrickson and Cargill […] they turn Joe Hill’s story into a feature film of nightmares, filled with ghostly children, violence, scares and a trio of unforgettable performances ”- Bloody Disgusting.

A boy kidnapped by a sadistic serial killer finds an old black phone. When the phone rings, the boy can hear the voices of the killer’s previous victims, and they give clues to prevent him from suffering the same fate.

Ethan Hawke (‘The Entity’) and James Ransone (‘IT: Chapter 2’) will star in the production. The cast will also include Jeremy Davies (“Hannibal”), Mason Thames and Madeleine McGraw.

The screenplay, based on a short story by Joe Hill, was written by Robert Cargill.

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