‘The Competitor’: Stephen King’s novel to adapt with the director of ‘In Rhythm of Escape’

According to Deadline, famous director Edgar Wright will direct the adaptation of “The Running Man”, a well-known novel by Stephen King.

The film will be supervised by Paramount Pictures.

Michael Bacall signs the screenplay, which will be more faithful to the book than to the adaptation of Arnold Schwarzenegger from 1987. Simon Kinberg (“X-Men”) enters as producer.

Originally published under King’s pseudonym Richard Bachman, the story flirts with the science fiction that even predicted the success of 19th century reality shows.

Check out the official synopsis below (via Amazon):

The year is 2025, and television dominates American homes, narcotics are sold from vending machines, and fresh air is the privilege of a few. A game called matabol is a snap, and the misfortune of others is entertainment. On television, the gladiators return to Rome, with millions of bloodthirsty viewers raising the audiences. It is in this futuristic arena that Ben Richards, an unemployed man ready to make any sacrifice to save his daughter’s life, arrives. His latest attempt is to appear on The Outlaw, a dispute that no one has yet managed to get out of alive.

No other information was released.

Wright is known for a number of highly successful commercially and critically projects including “In Rhythm of Escape”, “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World ”and“ Almost Dead ”. His upcoming projects also include the upcoming “Night Spent in Soho” and the documentary “The Sparks Brothers”.

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