‘The Croods 2: A New Age’ overtakes ‘TENET’ debut at US box office

The sequel ‘The Croods 2: A New Age’ surprised the US box office, raising $ 14.2 million over the extended weekend – the BIGGEST nationwide premiere since theaters reopened after the COVID pandemic.

Taking into account only the three days of a normal weekend, the animation raised $ 9.7 million, surpassing the debut of “TENET” ($ 9.35 million) during the same period.

Internationally, the sequel raised $ 20.8 million in seven markets, for a worldwide launch of $ 35 million.

It’s worth remembering that “ The Croods 2: A New Age ” doesn’t hit national theaters until January 2021.

On Rotten Tomatoes, the Joel Crawford-led sequel opened with 76% positive ratings, based on 47 reviews to date.

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Among the main comments, compliments range from the visual effects, the lightness of the plot and the captivating message it conveys.

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“Better than the first: constant visual invention, exceptional detail, excellent voiceover talent, and a moving and touching portrayal of the fundamental bonds between family and community. – Movie Moon.

“It might not be as innovative as the first one, but it’s essentially captivating, if a bit chaotic, fun for the kids, and doesn’t need to be anything else.” – Associated press.

“Gone are the days when calling a movie a hobby seemed like a curse or a low compliment. Today, that seems to be an essential thing. – New York Magazine.

“It’s a weird movie, just for the weird stuff, but it’s also an immersive entertainment experience wherever you watch.” – The film school rejects.

“The film vibrates with visual energy – the plants are a box of Pandora surprises and the hybrid animals are inspired – but this rich eye candy makes the staged lightness even more apparent. – The Straits Times.

“Amid this confusion over a family of prehistoric ‘Flinstones’ imitations lies brilliantly animated magic that speaks of the power of Oneness even when it is forced to separate. Very good for a cartoon, especially during a pandemic. – ABC News.

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The new film follows the Croods’ journey in search of a new home. During the adventure, they meet a modern family with completely different customs from theirs, the Bemelhores.

The family, made up of Esperança Bemelhor (Juliana Paes / Leslie Mann), Bem Bemelhor (Rodrigo Lombardi / Peter Dinklage) and his daughter Aurora live in a completely different way from cavemen, with technological innovations and much more security. .

“The Croods 2 – A New Age” is directed by Joel Crawford, whose program includes production design for “Kung Fu Panda 3” and “Trolls”.

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