‘The Croods 2’ debuts in Brazil

“The Croods 2: A New Age” (The Croods: A New Age) has a new release date in Brazilian theaters.

The film’s premiere was postponed from January 7 to March 25.

The animation, directed by Joel Crawford, brings in the national voices of Juliana Paes and Rodrigo Lombardi, such as Esperança and Bem Bemelhor.

So far, “The Croods 2: A New Age” has managed to make $ 115 million worldwide, a very encouraging figure given the current situation.

As a result, financial analyst Tom Lesinski, president of National CineMedia, told Deadline that the industry has all the potential to regain its glory in the coming months.

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“Throughout the year, we have asked ourselves: will the cinemas regain their strength? But the question is not “if”, but “when”. The growing number of “The Croods 2” is a clear indication of this claim. We believe consumers are more and more willing to come back [aos cinemas] for the next few months.

Lesinski also said that streaming platforms are an effective alternative way to keep audiences’ attention, but theaters remain the primary vehicle for promoting films.

“I don’t think the pandemic will have a concrete and lasting effect on people’s behavior in relation to cultural activities. Different studios will test different windows and different access to their productions, like streaming services, but cinema remains the main route for this. I think it’s a matter of time before there’s a release schedule that will get audiences out of the house. ”

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The new film follows the Croods’ journey in search of a new home. During the adventure, they meet a modern family with completely different customs from theirs, the Bemelhores.

The family, made up of Esperança Bemelhor (Juliana Paes / Leslie Mann), Bem Bemelhor (Rodrigo Lombardi / Peter Dinklage) and his daughter Aurora live in a completely different way from cavemen, with technological innovations and much more security. .

“The Croods 2 – A New Age” is directed by Joel Crawford, whose program includes production design for “Kung Fu Panda 3” and “Trolls”.

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