“The Death of the Demon 4”: Bruce Campbell says the Necronomicon will play a big role in the sequel

In an interview with EW, Bruce Campbell revealed new plot details for the sequel ‘The Death of the Devil 4’ (Evil Dead Rise), stating that the Necronomicon book will be of great significance to the upcoming film’s plot. .

“People can think of the new movie the way they want it: sequel, remake, reboot. It’s just a new movie from the “Death of the Devil” franchise. It will revolve around the book Necronomicon. Where did the book end up after all these years? This time, the plot takes place in the city, and no longer in a cabin in the forest. It’s completely different, with unexpected heroines who are going to have to save the day.

He adds: “Filming is currently taking place in New Zealand. Rob Tapert is a great producer and we are all very involved in the project. We all gave ideas for [o roteiro]. “

The plot will follow two distant sisters, played by Alyssa Sutherland and Lily Sullivan, whose reunion is interrupted when demons are unleashed, putting them in a paramount battle for survival as they face off against the most terrifying version of a family. imaginable.

Gabrielle Echols (‘Paths of Memory’), Morgan Davies (‘The Hunter) and Nell Fisher complete the cast.

Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell, director and star of the original trilogy respectively, will produce the new version.

In 2013, famous filmmaker Fede Alvarez invested in a remake that raised $ 100 million worldwide on a budget of $ 16 million. In addition, it has secured a strong reception from specialist critics, racking up 62% positive reviews in Rotten Tomatoes.

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