“The Deep House”: Director’s Underwater Horror “The Invasora” Wins Video ANANGING; To verify!

The underwater horror ‘The Deep House’, directed by Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo (from the ultra violent ‘The Invasora’), has received a tense new clip.

To verify:

In the plot, while diving into a remote French lake, a couple of YouTubers, specialized in underwater exploration, discover a mysterious house at the bottom of the lake. What began as a once-in-a-lifetime discovery quickly turns into a nightmare when they realize the house has been the scene of grim crimes. Trapped, with little reserve of oxygen, Tina and Ben realize that the worst is yet to come: they are not alone in the house.

James Jagger and Camille Rowe are the stars of the production.

Enjoy watching:

Horror will officially release on EPIX on November 5th.

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