‘The devil’s messenger’: bitter terror only 45% approval among critics

The horror “The Messenger of the Last Day” opened in national theaters a few days ago, but it seems it hasn’t appealed to specialist critics around the world.

On Rotten Tomatoes, the feature film written and directed by David Prior has scored just 45% positive ratings, based on 11 reviews (so far).

Inspired by the eponymous Cullen Bunn comics, the adaptation exploded and some critics said the script was pretty empty, making a pun on the original title (“The Empty Man”).

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“The producers couldn’t have chosen a better title. After leaving the session on Friday afternoon, in the presence of two other colossal people, I was not at all satisfied. I felt empty, that’s how I would define it. – Globe and Mail.

“Void is an understatement (smoothing).” – The only criticism.

“Although it offers a new perspective against a familiar backdrop of terror, turning to an entirely different subgenre in the process, ‘The Messenger of the Last Day’ insists on a poorly crafted idea to a pitying degree.” – Bloody disgusting.

“‘Void’ is an apt way to describe this slow, endless production of supernatural horror.” – Film reviews by Dennis Schwartz.

“This long, slow sci-fi tale takes its simple idea of ​​an ‘urban legend’ into ambitious territory, but by the time it ends it just doesn’t make sense and there is no reason to sit still. there and watch. – Common Sense Media.

“A truly surreal and eerie work, anchored by top notch handcrafted elements, but somewhat weakened by tedious runtime and a conclusion that probably left the few who saw it in theaters more irritated than thrilled. ” – RogerEbert.com.

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The thiller revolves around stories told in a small town in the American Midwest about the disappearance of local teenagers. Some believe it is the work of an urban legend. A retired police officer investigating the missing children discovers a secret group trying to summon a terrifying entity.

The cast includes James Badge Dale, Marin Ireland, Stephen Root, Ron Canada, Robert Aramayo, Joel Courtney and Sasha Frolova.

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