The flopped series that’s 10 years old and you didn’t even know there was

The professional world is very competitive and many can classify it as unfair and cruel. They wouldn’t be wrong. But in all markets, what companies expect is a result. It’s no different when it comes to movie studios or TV networks (currently streaming channels). As much as one likes a particular program, its permanence of exposure will depend solely on the number of audiences, read: the greater its popularity, the longer it will be broadcast. Canceling a series can be sad, however, even worse, even with everything set out, a certain production doesn’t even survive beyond its pilot episode (which determines whether a series will exist at least one season – believe it). that many don’t) not even reach as much as we’ll see below).

Thinking about it, we decided to revisit the past, since to remember is to live, and to present TV shows that are 10 years old, but which have become so obscure (true “urban legends”) because of their failure. , that a large part of the public did not even learn that they had been made. See below and comment on which ones you remember or have seen.


After the classic 1970s series, after the 2000s movies starring Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore, but before the 2019 movie starring Kristen Stewart and directed by Elizabeth Banks, there was this attempt to reboot the series. on three “angelic” women working as private detectives. And the reason you’ve never heard of it is that ABC’s assault “died on the beach” with only 8 episodes airing from its first season. And yes, as usual after entering the franchise, Drew Barrymore produced this show as well. The trio this time consisted of Rachael Taylor, Annie Ilonzeh and Minka Kelly.

Pan Am

It was more promising and notorious, causing quite a stir upon its release. Betting on the same ABC network, one of the mainstays of American television, the series was sold for its time of pure glamor: the 1960s. The proposal was a throwback to the boom and the peak of the companies. aerials, in particular the famous one that gives the title of the program. Apart from that, the speech here was very feminine and empowered, approaching women focused on the reins of their lives, determined to become flight attendants. The series will also be remembered for one of the earliest works of muse Margot Robbie, in addition to being directed by Christina Ricci as well. Pan Am was luckier than As Panthers and lived to show 14 episodes of its first season.

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The Playboy Club

Another promising series, with the imprint of the 1960s, is presented by rival NBC. Instead of behind the scenes of the flight attendants and daily pilots of a famous airline, here we touched on a fact that is not well known to the general public today. In the cited decade, there were Playboy Clubs, luxury nightclubs for wealthy businessmen, run by Playboy companies, the same company responsible for the famous nude woman magazine. In places, of course, the infamous rabbits. In the series, the best known was none other than Amber Heard, star of the series, who aimed to be exploited once and for all by the series. However, Playboy Club is one of the unlucky ones on the list, staying on the air for just 7 episodes before being canceled.


We already had two “unlucky” blondes on the list, along with Margot Robbie and Amber Heard, and now comes the third. Sarah Michelle Gellar will forever be known as Buffy, her greatest success. The fun series with slight touches of terror lasted no less than 7 seasons and in the end the protagonist tried her luck without much success in the cinema. Ringer was the actress’ option to mark her triumphant return to small screens. However, someone forgot to warn the audience, who did not show up in front of the TV, causing the CW program to be canceled after its 22 episodes of the first season. In the plot, Gellar plays twins, but immediately one of them commits suicide, making the other, a real runaway train, the identity of his sister, a married socialite from New York. Does this sound too absurd? I agree.

New land

Steven Spielberg is arguably one of the biggest names in cinema of all time. But when we talk about TV series, well, let’s say he tries. This is exactly what happened with this adventure, sci-fi and fantasy program, just like everything the filmmaker loves and masters in his career. Look at this story: in the future of the year 2149 our planet is dying. The only solution found is to send humans back 85 million years to the prehistoric era, in order to have a new chance of survival in the colony known as Terra Nova. And yes, you guessed it, we will have the encounter of humans with dinosaurs. The idea is interesting, and the series received high praise, but unfortunately the numbers were not good and FOX canceled after 13 episodes of the first season, thus guaranteeing it cult status. In the cast, Stephen Lang and Naomi Scott.


The medieval “sandal and sword” series took off after the phenomenal success of the prestigious Game of Thrones. So soon everyone wanted a piece of this cake. One of the many who tried without achieving what was expected was this Camelot, which as the title suggests was a Starz Chain attack in King Arthur’s universe mythology. The main attraction of the program is the presence of the voluptuous French actress Eva Green, in her first work on a series (we can not say that she started off on the right foot, but then came Penny Dreadful …). After the death of the British King, the wizard Merlin (Joseph Fiennes) appoints Arthur (Jamie Campbell Bower) as heir to the throne, much to the dismay of his ambitious half-sister Morgana (Green). The program only lasted 10 episodes of the first season.


Even the presence of great dedicated actors at the head of the casting of a series is not a guarantee of its success. Here veteran 2 Oscar winner Dustin Hoffman was the one who starred in this series about gambling addiction, especially betting on racehorses. Besides Hoffman, another big name in this HBO series is Michael Mann, producer and director of the show. Luck, however, is one of those beyond-troublesome works that must have relieved everyone involved of not having to continue. For starters, Mann’s relationship with series creator David Milch (who based the story on his own life) was so bad that the director banned him from filming for the entire first season. Apart from that, some horses have been injured during the recordings by activating the red flag from institutions like PETA (which oversees the welfare of animals in the records) up in production. With all this, Luck was even “lucky” to have lasted 10 episodes.

Mortal combat

The most famous fighting game franchise of all (perhaps side-by-side with Street Fighter) has returned to the limelight with a new movie hitting theaters this year – and the trailer paid off. speak. Of course, the first adaptation of the beloved and violent game took place in 1995, and two years later we won a sequel – much less wanted, let’s say. But between that limbo of the 1990s and the year 2021, Mortal Kombat existed on small screens in a live-action production (with live-action actors). Also known as Mortal Kombat – Legacy and produced by Warner, this series is the most successful to date in the field, with two seasons produced. The first season, with 9 episodes, functions as a prequel to mythology, presenting the characters’ backgrounds until they reach the Mortal Combat Tournament, where the second season focuses, with 10 episodes. Some curiosities are the presence of Casper Van Dien as Johnny Cage, Michael Jai White as Jax and a more “mature” Sonya Blade in the form of Jeri Ryan (43 years old). The coolest thing, however, is the presence of Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as villainous Shang Tsung, the same role he played in the 1995 film.

List of clients

There are artists who reign in certain media, be it cinema, theater, soap operas or soap operas. And Jennifer Love Hewitt has a real love affair with television. His notoriety came in Party of Five – The Quintet, a program in which he remained for four years. His character became so popular that he earned a spinoff of his own, with Time of Your Life (which only lasts one season). After that, Hewitt saw another success with Ghost Whisperer, in which he played a medium for five seasons. So, in the year following the end of the above, the young woman attacked again, this time on a show on the Lifetime channel. Trying to change tune with a more daring character in a more subversive and spicy plot, the actress accepted the role of a single mother living a double life. When she gets a job as a massage therapist in a spa, she quickly discovers an underground world, where a different type of service is offered, and decides to embark on it. The client list ran for two seasons of 25 episodes in total.

Happily divorced

Still in the realm of well-known actresses on television, Fran Drescher reigned supreme on small screens and became a star thanks to the iconic series The Nanny, which aired for six seasons, from 1993 to 1999. More than ten years later At the end of such a program, the high-pitched comedian starred in a new humorous film, the plot of which is at least curious. The story is based on the personal life of the protagonist and her ex-husband, producer Peter Marc Jacobson, who wrote the program alongside her. It turns out that after 18 years of a seemingly happy marriage, the union ended with the subject’s confession, claiming to be gay. Fran and Peter were married from 1978 to 1999, when The Nanny came to an end. Despite the curiosity, the new series only lasted two seasons, with 34 episodes.

Wonder woman

This is the most incredible case on the list, but also one of the saddest for fans and the lead actress. Wonder Woman is the first comic book superhero to achieve celebrity status. Today, the character has gained more fame than ever thanks to cinematic overproductions starring Israeli Gal Gadot. The character’s trajectory in the audiovisual sector, however, resonates in the forms of Lynda Carter in the 1970s television program, which lasted for 3 seasons. Among that big hiatus, the plan was for a new series with the Amazon Warrior, which would air on NBC. Chosen actress: Adrianne Palicki. Writer, director, recordings not at all. Everything seemed in place, despite some controversy with the costume, which would bring the heroine in pants for the first time. The series would star Steve Trevor and a plot in which Diana, the heroine’s secret identity, would experience a double journey, as CEO of a large corporation in her spare time. In the cast, names like Cary Elwes, Elizabeth Hurley and… Pedro Pascal (who years later would appear in Wonder Woman 1984 as villainous Max Lord). The bad news is that the series was only on pilot, being canceled without even being entitled to more than one episode. What was recorded was put on the shelves, making this Wonder Woman an urban Internet legend.

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