The Fox brand will cease to exist in Brazil and will be replaced by Star

After announcing another streaming service for Brazil, titled Star +, Walt Disney revealed that the Fox brand will cease to exist in TV shows.

From February 2021, the national grid will no longer have the aforementioned channels, with the exception of Fox Sports, which will retain the original title. Instead, they will be replaced by branches of the aforementioned platform.

The Fox channel will be called Star Channel; Fox Life will be replaced by Star Life; Fox Premium 1 will be called Star Hits, while Fox Premium 2 will be Star Hits 2.

Star + will be exclusive in Latin America and will be an expansion of Disney + for highly rated content, which is slated to launch in June of next year.

On Star +, we’ll see more of the studio’s adult titles, like “Logan,” “Aliens,” and “Deadpool,” as well as productions and series from Hulu, FX, and ABC.

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Enjoy and discover the ups and downs of Disney + in Brazil.

Strong points:

Interactive interface

Prior to the arrival of Disney +, the discussion that prevailed in the Brazilian streaming market was the clash between Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. While Netflix had the advantage of being on the market longer and having a more intuitive and organized interface, Prime Video bet on a more extensive and varied catalog, with the arrival of original blockbusters and with films and series from other countries, to try to superimpose a messy and not very intuitive interface.
Disney + manages to bring together the best of both worlds at this point. In addition to the absurdly large catalog, with materials to serve almost any audience, it has an intuitive interface. In other words, it recognizes your tastes and it is easy to search and find the productions you want to watch. This is fantastic not only for young audiences, who don’t like wasting time, but also for older audiences, who are confused when looking for movies and series on Amazon Prime Video, for example. Ball inside Disney +.


Currently, Disney has 1/3 of the US film market, so it was to be expected that the major franchises would be available in the streaming catalog. With Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, NatGeo, the Fox movies and Disney classics, there’s no shortage of entertainment. In addition, a number of new films and productions are expected to enter in the coming months.

The collections

I thought about putting that here in the Interface topic, but the truth is, the collections are so good they deserve their own highlight. Knowing the immensity of its catalog, Disney + has organizers called Collections, where it separates its content by themes. If you want to watch a Disney princess movie, you don’t have to waste hours looking for the movie. Simply enter the Princesas collection and search through the options set. Want to watch a movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Star wars? A live-action from the 1960s? Look in the collections.

But the category in which the difference is clearer and the advantage of having the collections is that of shorts. The Walt Disney Company produces spectacular shorts, and many of them haven’t even been released in Brazil. In other words, with many never-before-seen productions that would likely go unnoticed, Curtas’ collection brings them all together in one place. And the best part is that there are segmentations within the collection itself. In other words, if you want to see a Pixar short, just enter the Pixar segmentation … and so on. This is a considerable advance that allows further exploration of the service catalog.


Confusion in Rio

One of the coolest parts of Disney + ‘s arrival campaign in Brazil was the display of a short clip that was shown on Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro. Finished with the entry of the parrot Zé Carioca on the hill, the video was fantastic, but it confused the Federation of Mountain Sports of the State of Rio de Janeiro (FEMERJ). They claimed that Pão de Açúcar is not “outside” and that the projection light could cause damage to the environment.

However, the Municipal Secretariat for the Environment (SMAC) issued a press release refuting the Federation’s accusations, specifying that the action was authorized after the arrival of a report from biologists attesting to a minimal environmental impact. “The organizers of the event were admitted to Carioca Digital following the protocols necessary for its realization,” added the secretary, in a note.

Creative decision

The most famous controversy of this arrival of Disney + concerned the adaptation of Hamilton. The film arrived in Brazil without any Portuguese dubbing or subtitling. When asked about this, Disney replied that the feature would not have this type of content in Portuguese due to “creative decisions”. The response sparked outrage from fans across the country as the production was one of the most anticipated. After a tweet from YouTuber Imaginago questioning the company’s decision, Lin-Manuel Miranda, creator of the musical, denied Disney’s statement and apologized, in Portuguese, for the delay in the arrival of the subtitles or dubbing.

Yes! We work with subtitles in Portuguese and Spanish (and other languages). I’m sorry they weren’t ready on time, I feel bad. But we are working on it! Thank you!

– Lin-Manuel Miranda (@Lin_Manuel) November 18, 2020

Weak points:

Missing series and episodes

One of the coolest things Disney + promised was the presence of movies and series that hadn’t been seen for a long time. Sadly, most of the series that have sparked subscribers’ nostalgia either did not make the national catalog or arrived incomplete, as is the case with Lizzie Maguire, who has the film, but not the series, Raven’s Visions, X -Men: Evolution etc. There are still cases of series that have entered incomplete, such as the final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which only entered one episode, and The Simpsons, which only has seasons 29 and 30 in. the catalog.


Despite being ridiculously well produced and exhibiting unmistakable quality, the original Disney + productions still do not warrant subscription. The truth is that in one week I saw all the original productions of the service, such as The Mandalorian, The World According to Jeff Goldblum, The Lady and the Tramp, the selection of Shorts, the documentaries. These are impeccable and very high quality productions, but there are still very few for a subscription of R $ 27.90 per month. The trend is for them to increase, since the service, for example, will be a fundamental part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Phase 4. Ah, it’s also worth mentioning that there are original series, such as High School Musical: The Musical: The Series and Bis !, which add new episodes every week. A format to explore for the original series.

Launch of a new service

Okay, this one took a lot of people by surprise, as these guys thought the high price tag of Disney + would already involve all the content possible on one platform. However, this week, Disney has already started creating social media profiles for the launch of Star Plus, which will feature more adult productions, like the Searchlight label movies, content from Hulu and Fox productions. raised protests on social media.

Simply put, Disney + debuted with all the good and bad points that a streaming platform can have. However, the trend is for them to expand the catalog with new original productions and still surf a lot in this buzz of the launch. Whoever signed it should explore the catalog as much as possible, because there is even a lot of good stuff available to them. Those who have not yet registered will be able to save a little while waiting for the arrival of the new originals.

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