The government wants to END the half-price ticket; The president of UNE speaks!

A few months ago, it was announced that the ANCINE (National Film Agency) and the Ministry of the Economy were studying the end of the policy of half-price tickets in cinemas, museums and theaters in Brazil.

The agency in question recently opened a public plea on the feasibility and effects of the mandatory policy. The ministry was in favor of the cancellation of these cultural rights, revealed to Forum.

In an interview with CinePOP, the president of UNE (National Union of Students) – Bruna Brelaz – declared that it is “inadmissible” to withdraw this right from this consumer in times of financial crisis and pandemic.

“The UNE defends the law (12 933/2013) on the half-price as a mechanism for the social inclusion of students for access to culture, leisure and education. When the government threatens to end this right, it warns us, because there is no guarantee of access to the city without a half-ticket. And it is unacceptable and devoid of sensitivity, that in an economic crisis where people are increasingly poor and unemployed, who are mainly made up of young people and students, the right to half-price access be withdrawn. », Declared Bruna Brelaz.

As the extinction of half-price tickets does not present any guarantee that the price of entire tickets will be reduced, Brelaz said the UNE will fight to prevent the cancellation of cultural rights.

“We will not allow this historic achievement to be destroyed by the irresponsibility of this government,” he concluded.

The ANCINE itself came up with this articulation after the drop in sales of full-value tickets – the percentage of which was isolated to just 21.6% in 2020.

The half-price policy was put in place in 2013 and concerns students, people with disabilities and low-income young people, aged 15 to 29. For the elderly, this right has existed since 2003 and is enshrined in the Statute for the Elderly.

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