“The Graduation Party”: The video brings together Meryl Streep’s best moments in the musical; Check out!

“The Graduation Party,” a musical adaptation of the classic Broadway play and performed by Ryan Murphy, has won a new promo video compiling Meryl Streep’s best moments as Dee Dee Allen.


The story revolves around four stage actors who travel to Indiana, where they help a teenage girl whose prom was called off after trying to take her girlfriend as an escort.

Enjoy watching:

Streep brings Dee Dee Allen to life, a two-time Tony Award-winning actress who now sits deep after receiving negative reviews for her appearance in the failed musical about Eleanor Roosevelt. Nicole Kidman, in turn, is part of the prominent quartet as Angie Dickinson.

James Corden and Andrew Rannels also form part of the main group, bringing Barry Glickman and Trent Oliver to life respectively. Jo Ellen Pellman, Keegan-Michael Key, Kerry Washington, Andrew Rannells, Ariana DeBose and more complete the cast.

Make sure to watch:


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