‘The Gray Man’: Ana de Armas Joins Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling in Netflix’s Most Expensive Movie

According to Deadline, actress Ana de Armas joined Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling in Netflix’s “ The Gray Man. ”

Based on the eponymous novel signed by Mark Greaney, the production features Ryan Gosling as protagonist Court Gentry, a freelance assassin and former CIA agent, who is hunted down by former ally Lloyd Hansen (Chris Evans).

According to Anthony Russo, the film will have the same dark tone as ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ ​​and will be the most expensive project on Netflix.

“We started filming in late January here in Los Angeles, then we worked overseas in Europe after that in the spring,” Joe Russo told Collider.

He also revealed that the COVID-19 pandemic had no impact on where they planned to shoot the film, which he described as a “great global spy thriller.”

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“We have an amazing team and Netflix has been very supportive of us,” he said. “O [COVID] did not affect our shooting on location. It’s a great global spy thriller. His intention is to hit several different places and we will always shoot at those places. So, let’s be excited about this, because it is very important for the story that we visit these different places. ”

Reports also indicate that the job will have a massive budget of US $ 200 million (the platform’s most expensive to date).

Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely (also from “Avengers: Endgame”) helped “polish” the script signed by Joe Russo.

Filming is scheduled to begin in January 2021, with no premiere yet.

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