The HBO Max Brazil trailer has “Justice League”, “Friends” and “Harry Potter”; Check it out!

HBO Max arrives in Brazil in June and the publicity has started. Imagine meeting Rachel Green, Jon Snow, Wonder Woman and Harry Potter in one place? It will soon be a reality!

Watch the trailer announcing the streaming debut:

I am arriving in June, for your greatest pleasure. Are you ready? #HBOMax pic.twitter.com/apOjelVH14

– HBO Max Brasil (@HBOMaxBR) April 15, 2021

With a wide variety of genres and formats, HBO Max will have something special for everyone, classic and memorable series you love like SEX AND THE CITY, GAME OF THRONE, THE SOPRANOS, BIG LITTLE LIES, as well as icons like FRIENDS; impactful movies like LEAGUE OF JUSTICE – SNYDER CUT, Joker, HARRY POTTER, MATRIX, BIRDS OF PREY, even kid favorites like TOM AND JERRY, SCOOBY DOO, LOONEY TUNES and, of course, the amazing new productions from HBO Max Originals like THE FLIGHT ATTENDANT, RAISED BY WOLVES, SELENA + CHEF, among others.

HBO Max will bring a new era of entertainment to Brazilian homes and throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Imagine a party with Carrie Bradshaw, Batman, Blair Waldorf, Joker and even Bugs Bunny.

HBO Max will arrive in Brazil and the rest of Latin America in June 2021.

The value of the subscription has not yet been revealed. Do you intend to subscribe?

Enjoy watching:

It should be remembered that HBO Max’s subscriber base has grown to 17.2 million “activated users”, and has performed poorly since the launch, which occurred in May of last year in the United States. -United.

For comparison, Disney + gained 26 million subscribers in the first two months.

Make sure to watch:

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