‘The Illuminated’ | 100 years of the most famous horror film

Directed by Stanley Kubrick and inspired by Stephen King’s book of the same name, The Shining celebrated its 40th anniversary in December and remains one of the most influential horror films of all time.

[ALERTA DE SPOILERS] If you haven’t watched “The Shining” until today, we recommend that you stop reading the text here. [ALERTA DE SPOILERS]

Despite all the prestige the film has gained over the past four decades, it is common knowledge that Stephen King cannot stand what has been made of his work once it has been made into theaters. This is because Kubrick and Jack Nicholson gave a new take on the story and its characters, which the author greatly displeased, despite improving the work by 200%.

This whole revolt of King, which later made it a television adaptation – far inferior to the film – was due to the fact that The Shining is one of King’s most personal books, based on the problems of Jack Torrance, a writer. frustrated and alcoholic, and the troubled relationship with his family and the own experiences of Stephen, who had severe alcoholism and exposed in the protagonist’s actions his greatest fears of what his condition might lead him to do. Therefore, the book makes Jack a good man influenced by the supernatural of the Overlook Hotel, even giving him some sort of redemption at the end of the story. So when Kubrick and Nicholson play Torrance as a madman from the start who only uses the supernatural as a trigger to awaken the evil that has inhabited him from the start, King sees not only a misrepresentation of his fictional history, but of yours. life experiences. .

And one of the moments in the film that confirms this inherent evil of Jack Torrance is 100 years old today. At the end of the film, after freezing to death, Jack is seen in a photo at the Overlook Hotel that depicts a party that took place on July 4, 1921. Although the film does not say the year he spent, the costumes do not tell the story. If it’s set in the 1920s, it wouldn’t make sense that this is a current photo. For years, this ending generated several interpretations from the public, who used the supernatural theme to conclude that this photo represented the Overlook Hotel itself, acting like an evil entity, absorbing Jack’s soul into its story, as well as that of other victims of local evil who also appear in the image.

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However, the most accepted opinion is that this photo proves that the soul of Jack Torrance and the Overlook Hotel had been linked for years, showing that he was a reincarnation and that his different versions over time would always return. to the hotel, where they would return. losing his sanity and attacking the family, which explains the feeling Jack gets when he arrives at the Overlook and says he seems to already know the place.

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