“The Informant”: Suspense with Joel Kinnaman Opens with 62% Approval on RT; Check out the reviews!

The crime thriller ‘The Informant’, starring Rosamund Pike, Joel Kinnaman and Common, is out now on Netflix and, while entertaining, has divided international reviews.

At Rotten Tomatoes, production got 62% approval, scoring 5.80 / 10 based on 53 reviews. According to the general consensus, “[o filme] It can be passable fun for less passionate thriller fans, but most of the ingredients have been recycled from other higher-than-genre entries ”.

Check out the main comments below:

“[O filme] This is not bad. It’s just not a big deal ”- Los Angeles Times.

“Joel Kinnaman collects names in this fun action flick” – Chicago Sun-Times.

“’Informer’ is confused as to what should get his attention” – Globe and Mail.

“Nothing new to see here, but given the curve of the pandemic, that’s perfectly OK” – Fox 4 Kansas City.

“Other criminal B movies can do the job much better” – Decide.

Ana de Armas and Clive Owen complete the cast.

In the plot, after a failed mission, an FBI informant is forced to continue working undercover to dismantle a gang, only now inside the prison.

Enjoy watching:

“The Informant” is directed by Andrea Di Stefano, from a screenplay co-authored by Rowan Joffe and Matt Cook.

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