‘The Last of Us 2’: actress opens up about the hatred she received from fans for her character

In an interview with Game Informer, actress Laura Bailey, who played Abby in the acclaimed game ‘The Last of Us Part II,’ spoke of the hatred she received from fans because of her character.

“I knew there would be a negative reaction for sure. I knew I was going to hate it, but I hadn’t planned on the expansion. I think the leaks have a lot to do with it. If your first experience with this situation was in the game and you moved on, you would have the growth and understanding. But the leaks were reported a few months earlier; people had months to form barriers and blocks before they could figure out Abby’s side, and so a lot of people never got to figure her out.

She adds, “It was a tough role, but I think the story is amazing, and I consider Abby to be one of the most amazing characters I’ve ever played.”

Although fans did not like it, the actress’ work was highly regarded by the specialist critic, even winning the Performance of the Year category at The Game Awards 2020.

The game also won the main award, Game of the Year, and also took home five other categories, including Directing, Storytelling, Audio Design, Accessibility Innovation, and Best Action Game / adventure.

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Recall that HBO has already given the green light for an adaptation of the saga.

. @ HBO gives serial order to #TheLastOfUs. @clmazin and @Neil_Druckmann ready to write and produce executives. Carolyn Strauss, @evan_wells, @aqizil, and @CarterSwan are also executive producers. @SPTV, @Naughty_Dog, @PlayStation productions should produce: https://t.co/dIOCovjGqK pic.twitter.com/tOsuWFwklR

– HBO PR (@HBOPR) November 20, 2020

In an interview with the BBC, producer and screenwriter Craig Mazin (“ Chernobyl ”) revealed that the plot will expand the universe of games, making it clear that the series will not change the main elements of the games, will simply bring more information.

“If you’ve played ‘The Last of Us’ our intention is for you to watch the program and say, ‘It didn’t violate anything that I liked about the game.’ We won’t change a thing, whether it’s in relation to the plot or the characters, but we will bring a lot more information about this universe. Believe me, the story is very large and leaves room for several new ideas, some really incredible ideas.

Sadly, the filmmaker declined to reveal what the production team is up to for the adaptation, which only adds to fans’ curiosity.

A few weeks ago, Mazin had already spoken to the portal and was asked why the game had never been adapted for cinema.

In response, he explained that the idea for a movie has already been discussed, but it wouldn’t work because:

“The grace of a story like ‘The Last of Us’ is its length. The success of the game is based on Ellie’s slow journey and her relationship with the other characters. I think players are drawn to the story over the time they play… We couldn’t reproduce that feeling in a two hour movie. A more suitable format would be needed, which is why a TV series is perfect for this. “

The production is the result of a partnership between Naughty Dog, HBO, Sony Pictures Televison and PlayStation Productions, which will make its debut in creating television series.

Still without a start date, the project will also have Neil Druckmann (one of the game’s creators) as executive producer.

The project will also feature Carolyn Strauss and Evan Wells, presidents of Naughty Dog, as executive producers.

Released in 2013, “ The Last of Us ” is set in a post-apocalyptic future and follows the journey of drug dealer Joel and young Ellie, the only one capable of finding a cure for the disease that has devastated the world. .

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