“The Legend of Candyman” will be a sequel to the original, not a reboot

During an interview with Bloody Disgusting, Tony Todd, star of “Candyman’s Mystery”, spoke about the new film and confirmed that it will be a sequel, not a reboot.

The Daniel Robitaille / Candyman interpreter was asked about this and said there was still the possibility of a third film:

“It’s a sequel to the first movie, definitely. [A diretora] Nia DaCosta does a great job of directing. The film is in good hands with him with Jordan Peele [o roteirista]. And if it’s a blockbuster movie, no one knows what’s going to happen. Maybe there is one more, to end with a trilogy.

He added, casually:

“After nearly thirty years of wearing this character to conventions and interacting with fans, it’s good to finally have a new chapter to discuss. And new funkis! I finally got my own official Funko.

In the plot of the first film, a slave is tortured and murdered for getting involved with his owner’s daughter. After being beaten, his hand was cut off and smeared with honey for bees and ants to sting. A century later, he returns from the afterlife with a hook in place of his severed hand, and all he has to do is pronounce his name in front of a mirror five times for him to appear.

Remember that the sequel will be released in national theaters on August 26.

The film follows Anthony, a vocal artist from Chicago who researches the urban legend of Candyman. After investigating the last known location of the killer, strange murders begin to take place around Anthony. The protagonist will play a role similar to that of Helen Lyle, the main character of the original film.

Abdul-Mateen II will be the villain of the new film, and the cast also includes Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, Colman Domingo and Teyonah Parris.

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In addition to the production, Oscar winner Jordan Peele (“Run!”) Co-wrote the screenplay alongside Win Rosenfeld.

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