“The Lord of the Rings”: Fans collapse with the announcement of the new animated film in the saga; Check!

New Line Cinema and Warner Bros. Animation recently revealed that they are developing an animated pre-sequence for “The Lord of the Rings” titled “The War of Rohirrim”.

The plot will focus on the legendary battle that shaped Middle-earth and provided the setting for the adventures we’ve seen unfold in Peter Jackson’s beloved and acclaimed trilogy. The production will follow the ninth King of Rohan, Helm Hammerhand, and delve into the history of Helm’s Abyss.

It didn’t take long for fans of the legendary fantasy saga to show up on social media, extremely happy with the return to the world created by JRR Tolkien.

Check out some of the reactions below:

The animated film The Lord of the Rings will be in 2D, possibly in an anime style.

I liked it !!!!

Check out this @BernardoM_Alves https://t.co/WmI6eq4bX0

– Apollo Dionysus🏳️‍🌈 #SailorMoonEternal (@apolo_junior) June 11, 2021

In addition to the series there will be a new movie The Lord of the Rings tmb

Only this one will be animated
I don’t know what to think… pic.twitter.com/I54S0Vkg1b

– Renê Queiroz ™ (@NywlMac) June 10, 2021

FOR EVERYTHING!!!! middle earth fans keep winning! A Lord of the Rings animated film has been announced, in an anime style, and will tell more about the fortress of Helm’s Deep. pic.twitter.com/qQ9ueN4rZa

– gabi orsini lokison (@gabiorsini) June 10, 2021

I can’t wait to see this animation

– Paulista Tropicano (@Paulista_TropBE) June 10, 2021


– Jack D. Son | Berserk 89 (@kawakinhoCRF) June 10, 2021

MANO MANO MANO MANO https://t.co/ROxlhE2zIP

– Pun Pun, but without the good night☭ (@HoleBlacksan) June 10, 2021

Enjoy watching:

CARAIO CARAIO https://t.co/4EltLXDxIV

– Z (@GZiedson) June 10, 2021

Kenji Kamiyama will be responsible for the staging.

In a statement, Sam Register, the boss of Warner Bros. Animation said, “This will be another epic adaptation of the JRR Tolkien universe that has never been told before. We are honored to partner with many incredible talents behind the two film trilogies, as well as new minds. creative ways to tell this story.

New production details are expected to be released soon.

Recall that Amazon Prime is developing a new adaptation of “Lord of the Rings”, which will have a huge budget of $ 465 million.

Watch the first production teaser:

Remember that the series has already been renewed for the 2nd season.

Make sure you watch:

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