‘The Lost Boys’: Composer Says Which Series Will Keep Original Film Essence

The classic film ‘The Lost Boys’ will earn a reboot in serial form by The CW and, despite problematic production put on hold’ due to the novel coronavirus pandemic and due to creative decisions, musician Gerard McMahon revealed details about the show – saying the new version will retain the essence of the original feature film.

“I’m sure the most regular fans will blow the show up; there is no way for this show to win, ”he commented in an interview with SYFY Wire. “But it wasn’t for these fans. They’re basically trying to keep the essence of what the film was projecting … It’s a re-imagining and an adaptation of the film ”.

Production is being re-evaluated for the 2021-2022 first season and has already started airing.

The new version will star Branden Cook, Lincoln Younes and Ruby Cruz.

Cook will play Garrett, the eldest of two brothers, who moves with his mother to North Carolina to a seaside community. This will be Michael’s version of the original film.

Younes will be Benjamin, the charismatic leader of a vampire gang.

And finally, Cruz will play Elsie, who ends up taking an interest in the city’s rookie.

It should be remembered that this is the third version that the broadcaster is trying to produce and the second pilot that it is recording. The original pilot, directed by Catherine Hardwicke, was not approved.

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The new pilot will be directed by Marcos Siega (‘Batwoman’) and will have a brand new cast.

Screenwriter Rob Thomas recently revealed that the new pilot will be much more faithful to the classic 1987 film.

“Screenwriter Heather Mitchel is currently rewriting the screenplay; we have arrived at the process of evaluating the comments we have received. We will film the pilot in the fall [norte-americano]. There are some scenes where we think we can do a better job, so the new script will be about 40% rewritten. We will not start from scratch. “

He adds: “Two years ago, I wrote a very original screenplay [para o Piloto], but the broadcaster didn’t want something so different. Luckily, script writer Heather Mitchell loves the original film and is determined to make the series look more like “The Lost Boys.” It will have a lot in common with the film.

After the sudden death of their parents, Michael and Sam Emerson move to Santa Carla on their mother, Lucy, in hopes of returning to the town where she grew up. But the brethren are increasingly drawn to the alluring world of the city’s eternally beautiful and young undead.

The series was created by Rob Thomas (“iZombie”).

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