The man of the North | What We Know & What To Expect From NEW Robert Eggers Horror

The director is one of the hottest horrors right now

No wonder filmmaker Robert Eggers is a name mentioned in other articles on more than one occasion. With a career entirely in the horror genre, the director has not limited himself to following the mannerisms of the market (like the abuse of the tool of fear of the jump), but also to use elements that he considers important for this type of story.

In this way, his films become easily distinguishable from others due to the slow pace, used to effectively create the atmosphere of fear, and the rich historical settings. With two works released to date (A Bruxa and O Farol), it is already evident that the director has a great appreciation for scripts that take place at some point in the past and which have significant cultural richness.

No wonder, the misadventures of the settler family falling victim to supernatural forces were inspired by an old story, and the actors had to learn an archaic variation of English for the dialogues.

“The Witch” launched the careers of Eggers and Anya Taylor-Joy

Regarding the spiral of madness encountered by the sailor couple responsible for the lighthouse, a very similar creative process occurred, in which the script was inspired by a legend about the disappearance of two lighthouse keepers (as well as several other folklores in the world of navigation) in addition to relying on the rescue of another forgotten branch of English uttered by the characters.

Apparently, this same recipe will be followed by The Northman, Eggers’ next film which has been postponed for a few weeks and is scheduled to open on April 22, 2022. First of all, the little revealed on the premise promises to deliver a story involving Viking (or Scandinavian culture as a whole), but more specifically an adaptation of the legend of Amleth.

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Although there is no correctly traced date of creation, it is assumed that the legend dates back to the 10th century, but with its first Latin translation having been made around 1200, signed by Danish historian Saxo Grammaticus. Generally speaking, the legend depicts a plot of family betrayal when two brothers (Horwendil and Fengo) are appointed lords of the land of Jutland.

The set that recreates the Nordic lifestyle underlines the ambition of work

Horwendil kills the same king of Denmark who bestowed on him the honor and takes the deceased’s daughter as his wife. Eventually, the couple father a child, Amleth, but the family is destroyed after the envious Fengo assassinates Horwendil. With obvious parallels, it is commonly believed that Shakespeare drew inspiration from Scandinavian legend to compose Hamlet.

Moreover, it is from this premise that the plot starring Alexander Skarsgard must depart, with a Viking seeking revenge for the murder of his father. Filming began in 2020, with possible stoppages due to the pandemic; yet it is reported that the scale of the work will be the largest ever seen in Eggers’ filmography.

This is mainly reflected in the names of the actors, not just those of the protagonist. Anya Taylor-Joy resumes the partnership with the filmmaker started in The Witch (and with the promise to continue in Nosferatu in the future), in the same way that other actors will be reunited as well, like Ralph Ineson and Willem Dafoe; Nicole Kidman is confirmed as Amleth’s mother; singer Björk will mark her return to the screen for the first time since 2009.

After a long break, singer Björk is back in the cinema

The photograph will again be signed by Jarin Blaschke, another longtime Eggers collaborator who has appeared in his last two films, and Craig Lathrop returns to design the production; names such as these illustrate that the director seeks continuity from his old partnerships, which may indicate that The Northman will maintain an identification with his style featured in previous works, to the joy of some and the sadness of others.

It has also been reported that the first trailer was shown privately to a select audience. Despite this, at the time of this writing, there is no forecast as to when this material will be released to the public.

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