The man who wanted to be a writer but became an actor! Great Owen Wilson Movies

Texan Owen Wilson, the son of an executive and a photographer, never thought of being an actor. His passion was writing. Thus, at the beginning of adulthood, he entered the Military Institute of New Mexico and then the University of Texas, where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts. Due to fate and going to college, he ended up meeting a person who would be his lifelong friend and who somehow influenced Owen in the theater world, Wes Anderson.

Owen made his film debut in 1996 in the film Bottle Rocket, directed by Wes Anderson and starring his brother Luke Wilson. From the 2000s, he launched into the world of comedy and made his debut in the genre in Crash or Run alongside Jackie Chan. Since then, a series of comedy hits have marked his career, which also includes major dramas such as Marley & Me, Extraordinary and Midnight in Paris.

To honor the actor who turns 53 today, we’ve separated some really cool movies from his career:

Marley and I

Enjoy watching:

One of the most exciting films of the Texas actor’s career came out in 2008, directed by David Frankel and having Jennifer Aniston as another protagonist, we follow years in the life of two newlyweds who decide to adopt a puppy that would be unforgettable in the life of the whole family. A beautiful film that it is always a pleasure to see again.

Night at the museum

In the first film of the super fun trilogy directed by Ben Stiller and Co., we follow a struggling man who becomes the new security guard of the Museum of Natural History in New York and discovers that when the place closes, everything is gone. interior comes to life. . A really cool and fun movie.

The Grand Hotel Budapest

Is there value in a great friendship? To speak of the banality of human feelings, no one better than the filmmaker, darling of moviegoers, Wes Anderson. The Grand Hotel Budapest is an incredible adventure through the true value of friendship. With a spectacular performance by Ralph Fiennes, this film will appeal to the vast majority of audiences. It is a work that fascinates the viewer from start to finish.

Good beak penetrates

One of his funniest comedies of his career, Owen Wilson teams up with his friend Vince Vaughn to tell the story of two friends who spend their free time crashing at wedding receptions and having a lot of problems. .


The power of emotion comes through how we see the world around us. Sensational box office film around the world, Extraordinário, based on the book of the same name by RJ Palacio (who already had another work adapted for the cinema, Les Vantagens de Ser Invisível), tells a very beautiful story that speaks on family, friendship and especially on dreams. Directed by the American Stephen Chbosky, the film presents a beautiful performance by young Jacob Tremblay (Jack’s Room).

Midnight in Paris

In the City of Light, an illuminated film. From one who is one of the most idolized directors in the history of the seventh art, Mr. Allan Stewart Königsberg, or simply Woody Allen. In this new feature film, the famous New York director fills the screen with a lot of magic and glamor, and prints, as always, the highlights of his productions with a very particular humor which, by far, is one of its best brands. .

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