The Moon collides with Earth in the new “Moonfall” trailer; Discover it dubbed and subtitled!

Diamond Films has released a new national trailer for the science fiction disaster ‘Moonfall – Lunar Menace’, directed by Roland Emerich (‘The Day After’).

Discover it, dubbed and subtitled:

The feature will hit national theaters on February 10.

With a budget of $ 140 million, the plot centers on when the Moon is pushed out of orbit after colliding with an asteroid and begins an immersive course back to Earth. Life as we know it is in the hands of a team of experts who embark on an impossible mission with only a few weeks to save humanity.

Enjoy watching:

Halle Berry plays a NASA astronaut whose past missions contain clues to avert disaster. Josh Gad, Patrick Wilson and Charlie Plummer round out the cast.


Make sure you watch:

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