The most anticipated films of January 2022

The pandemic has definitely changed our lives and the world. On a personal level, many family members, friends and colleagues have lost their lives; and so many others have struggled to overcome the disease. Professionally, establishments, businesses and all kinds of businesses have had to close their doors, forcing people to reinvent themselves in order to make a living. The home office was the solution for many jobs. And as we well know, the world of art has been one of those which suffered the most during this evil which struck us.

Theaters, cinemas and shows prohibited to avoid crowds. Film distributors and studios had to adapt to the new times. Streaming has never been so precious to continue the seventh art. Along with this uncertainty around the world’s showrooms, it has also affected movie sites such as CinePOP. Our column of the most anticipated movies of the month was last released in March 2020, when the pandemic erupted. It’s very exciting to go back and read the last time I wrote about big screen releases almost two years ago.

In this uncertainty, the column was deactivated for the remainder of 2020, and remained so throughout 2021. Of course, we still cannot say that everything is back to normal, the variants are there to prove it, arriving in force in Brazil too. You still have to take care of yourself. But with vaccines, cases of death have been virtually eradicated. Now we return to our dear column, and today I am pleased to announce its comeback in style – opening the year 2022. And we will start the year with one of the most anticipated premieres and a very significant film for the existence of this vehicle. Find out below, and don’t forget to plan.

January is the month for children’s holidays. Nothing could be more perfect for the little ones than throwing a big animation on the big screen. And Universal Pictures is responsible for the debut. Singing: Quem Canta seu Males Espanta was a huge hit of 2016, which hitchhiked in TV shows about aspiring professional singers. In this reality, anthropomorphic animals such as the gorilla Johnny, the porcupine Ash, the elephant Meena, and the pig Gunter are the ones who let their voices go. Now they’re all back (which includes the voices of Reese Witherspoon, Scarlett Johansson, and Matthew McConaughey in the original) to convince a music star (voiced by Bono) to join them for a gig.

The King’s Man: The Origin

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One of the devices that studios and producers use when they think their franchise has nowhere to go is to go back in time and tell the story of where it all came from. It worked for The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and X-Men franchises, for example. And this is what the directors of the Kingsman franchise are trying here, who after two films with the same cast, go back in time to show the beginnings of the secret agency of the British service. The only link retained is the leadership of the same Matthew Vaughn. This kind of derivative is a release from Fox (now in Disney hands) and remains a good choice for the holiday season – here indicated for teens and young people.

Closing the first weekend of the year, we also have a first for adults – doing a full circle with recommendations for children, youth, teens and adults. Here the commissioner of the show is the controversial Woody Allen – still a much revered filmmaker, especially by moviegoers and pundits. Allen had experienced a new boom in the last decade after the premieres of Midnight in Paris, Blue Jasmine and Café Society; stamp one film per year as usual. But after the latter’s debut, his next outing (Fergon Wheel, 2017) would come amid new accusations from his ex-wife Mia Farrow. Thus, in particular the premiere of One Rainy Day in New York and this The Festival of Love were shaken. In this latest work, Allen sees a middle-aged couple let themselves be carried away by the magic of a film festival in Spain.

Okay, it won’t be a Friday the 13th, it will be a Thursday the 13th when the fifth film in the beloved Scream horror franchise opens. And it is this particularity that I mentioned at the beginning of the article as being one of the most anticipated productions not only of the year 2022 (postponed from last year), but also the most significant for existence. of this vehicle. The origin of CinePOP came from the passion for horror films, and in particular the revolutionary Scream (1996), which completed 25 years of its debut last year. Now, with a quarter of a century on its back, the franchise is launching its fifth issue – 11 years after the fourth feature film. With the directors of the entertaining Bloody Marriage in place of the late Wes Craven, the final chapter promises a new bloodbath, a lot of suspense, scares and the handover for a new generation.

Finally, Brazilian film buffs will be able to discover the unprecedented and controversial work of filmmaker Paul Verhoeven, at the origin of controversial works in his treatment of sex, such as Instinto Selvagem (1992), Showgirls (1995) and Elle (2016). After its debut, where it caused a sensation at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival last year, the film will land in Brazil. In the plot, a nun from 17th century Italy is troubled by religious but also erotic visions, letting a forbidden relationship with a celibate colleague flow. He promises to give something to talk about here too.

Still enjoying the month of vacation, Brazilians will be able to relax and have fun on the big screen with a national comedy, which currently has two true performers of Brazilian humor in mind. Rafael Portugal and Cacau Protásio are in a relationship on their wedding day. As if the natural tensions of holding such a ceremony were not enough, the subject hesitates, the woman discovers the slip and begins a marriage in the manner of the Argentinian Relatos Selvagens – or almost. Of course, more focused on comedy.

Eduardo & Monica

The premieres of Brazilian films intended for the general public do not end there. Postponed from 2021 until this year, here we have another adaptation of a song by the dear group Legião Urbana. Exactly 9 years ago, 2013 brought the “year” of Legião to the big screen, with the debut not only of his biography Somos Tao Jovem, but also the transposition to the cinema of one of his most iconic songs: Faroeste Caboclo. Nothing could be more natural than to take on the responsibility of adapting another of the group’s most famous songs, the same director René Sampaio being in the cast. This time, the filmmaker takes hold of the Eduardo and Mônica screens, on the relationship between a boy and a slightly older woman. The protagonists are the star Alice Braga and the versatile Gabriel Leone.

Jessica Chastain is a strong advocate for feminist causes in Hollywood, such as equal pay and good roles for women. The star believes that any genre can be good enough for women to play the part and achieve the same success as men. So, Chastain, along with international colleagues, decided to create a concept and sell it in Cannes, thus breaking the record for the value achieved by such a scenario. The idea is to have a team of secret agents, all women, each from one place in the world. Do you know the pilot of the series mentioned by Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction (1994)? Now imagine that this pilot has become a movie. In addition to Chastain, the feature film features Lupita Nyong’o, Penelope Cruz, Fan Bingbing and Diane Kruger replacing Marion Cotillard.

The start of each year also brings the season’s most prestigious films, which aim for film award nominations, culminating in the biggest of them: the Oscar. This one is a strong candidate for the nominations, because it is the new work of a true darling of the Academy, the critics and the cinephiles: Paul Thomas Anderson. The director of Boogie Nights, Magnolia and Black Blood this time creates an innocent story about two young men who fell in love in the 1970s. The film marks the debut of the up-and-coming Cooper Hoffman, son of actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and singer Alana Haim , of which they play the protagonists – and also has the presence of stars such as Bradley Cooper and Sean Penn in supporting roles.

Brazilian cinema will continue to be in full swing in January, with the provocative and thought-provoking debut Medida Provisória, the talented Lázaro Ramos directing a feature film. The actor casts his wife, the great Taís Araújo, and singer-turned-actor Seu Jorge (who shone in 2021 with Marighela), in a story set in a dystopian future, whose main theme is racism and authoritarianism . In this reality, a dictatorial government decrees that all Brazilian citizens of African origin, that is to say blacks, be returned to this continent. The act provokes all kinds of reactions, from protests to resistance.

Speaking of Bradley Cooper, the actor returns at the end of the month, this time as the protagonist of the new work by the prestigious Guillermo del Toro. As usual in the Mexican filmmaker’s filmography, his new work consists of eye-catching and breathtaking photographs, rich and complex characters, and a plot that mixes a certain horror and suspense, drama and supernatural elements. As usual also in del Toro movies, here we have an excellent cast filling the film, as well as Cooper, Rooney Mara, Cate Blanchett, Willem Dafoe and Toni Collette. The film is a remake of a classic from the 1940s, here titled The Alley of Lost Souls – which is about the rise of an ambitious young man, who uses his gifts to manipulate people.

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