The movie flop, the $ 160 MILLION blockbuster is Netflix’s # 1 movie

Streaming has increasingly proven that films that haven’t found their audiences in theaters have a chance to succeed on the small screen.

Proof of this is ‘Warcraft – The First Meeting of Two Worlds’, one of the great failures of cinema, which is currently the most watched movie on Netflix.

Adaptation only raised $ 47.4 million in the United States and $ 391.7 million in other countries, for a global total of $ 439 million.

Given its production budget of $ 160 million and an additional $ 110 million spent on marketing, the film needed to raise $ 450 million to $ 500 million to make ends meet.

“Warcraft” earned a meager 29% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

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Recently, director Duncan Jones revealed that he hasn’t given up on the franchise, even with the failure of American theaters.

“The first film was about establishing this world, showing Durotan helping his son escape from a dying planet. So for me the idea over the course of all three films would be that Thrall realizes this vision of Durotan, that he creates a new homeland for the Orcs. The rest would therefore be with him in adolescence. And with the human side, which in the first movie is actually a little less clear about what their future is, basically I would need to finish some new stories. And on the Orc side, you would follow this baby on their journey.

Revision | Warcraft: The First Meeting of Two Worlds

The full list of “Warcraft” trivia even has an Easter egg for Sam Raimi.

With the slogan “Two Worlds, One Land”, the film is directed by Duncan Jones (“Lunar” and “Against Time”) and shows the peaceful kingdom of Azeroth on the brink of war. When your civilization faces a formidable invasion of Orc warriors – fleeing their territory to colonize a new home – a portal opens to connect these two worlds: one army faces destruction and the other faces extinction. From opposite sides, two heroes are placed on a collision course that will decide the fate of their families, their people and their home.

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