‘The Mummy 4’ sequel with Brendan Fraser set to take place in South America, reportedly with Antonio Banderas

JoBlo revealed that the ‘The Mummy’ franchise would win a 4th film, but plans fell apart after the bad box office of ‘Tomb of the Dragon Emperor’, released in 2008.

The streak would take place in South America, and the O’Connell family would be targeted by mummies from the Aztec tribe, led by none other than Antonio Banderas.

Unfortunately, there were no plans to continue production and the idea was eventually dropped.

Despite this, Brendan Fraser has said he would like to reprise his role in the franchise.

“I have to say how difficult it is to make this movie. I have tried it three times and the essential ingredient is fun. You have to remember to have fun. So if there’s a fun way to do it again, I would, ”he told the Comic Book.

Remembering that in 2017 a reboot of ‘The Mummy’ starring Tom Cruise was released. However, the film was a disappointment for both critics and audiences alike.

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