‘The Offer’: Meet the actor chosen to play Al Pacino in ‘The Godfather’ series

According to Deadline, Anthony Ippolito has been cast as Al Pacino in the series “The Offer”, which will explore behind the scenes of “The Godfather”.

For those who have never heard of it, Ippolito is best known for his role as George Wright in Netflix’s “Grand Army” series.

He also played the younger version of Adam Sandler in the 2015 movie ‘Pixels’, directed by Chris Columbus.

Recalling that Ippolito joins newcomer Miles Teller (‘Whiplash’), who will replace actor Armie Hammer.

Such will bring to life producer Al Ruddy, who helped bring the iconic film Mafia to the big screen in 1972.

Hammer was cast for the role in December 2020, but was pulled from the project a month after scandals involving allegations of sexual abuse and cannibalism.

Dexter Fletcher, known for his acclaimed work on “Rocketman,” will direct some episodes of the series, which is being developed by Paramount +. He will also be executive producer.

Michael Tolkin (‘Escape at Dannemora’) created the series and wrote the screenplay.

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The show is “based on the undisclosed experiences of Al Ruddy, the producer of the film who previously worked on two comedies and co-created the sitcom” Hogan’s Heroes. “” The Godfather “rose to prominence for a development. eventful before becoming one of the greatest critical and commercial successes of all time, winning five Oscar statuettes and earning its place among the best works in cinema.

Still without further details revealed, ‘The Offer’ begins filming in Los Angeles during the US summer (i.e. between June and August 2021).

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