The opening song for “Dawson’s Creek” has been edited on Netflix! Understand why …

The first season of “ Dawson’s Creek ” debuted on Netflix Brasil last Friday (15), but it looks like an important piece of production has been removed: the theme song.

The song “I Don’t Want to Wait”, known to have opened the episodes of the series and performed by Paula Cole, has been replaced by “Run Like Mad”, by Jann Arden – something initially unforgivable, but with a understandable explanation.

The truth is, the original track hasn’t been on streaming platforms for a long time, since the show debuted on Netflix in 2012. According to executive producer Paul Stupin, Sony, instead of acquiring the intellectual rights to the hit de Cole, decided to only pay for the use of the song for the show’s original airing period, extending the deal to DVD versions of the first two seasons. Eventually, the company cut the budget for later releases of home videos.

“There came a point where the studio said, ‘Look, we can’t keep Paula Cole’s music,’ Stupine said in an interview with The Huffington Post.

Keep in mind that the first season of “ Dawson’s Creek ” only debuted with Brazilian dubbing on Netflix, that is, without the original version with subtitles.

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The plot follows the story of four teenage friends who live in a small coastal town. Throughout their travels, they face a series of circumstances that will make them mature. Together, they face problems, have adventures and go through the transition phase between young and adult life.

“Dawson’s Creek” presented six seasons, between 1998 and 2003. The series was responsible for launching the careers of actors James Van Der Beek, Katie Holmes, Joshua Jackson and Michelle Williams.

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